Ogre Magi ARCANA RELEASED — full preview

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  1. Mr. Utss says:

    I'm now convinced that DOTA is evolving/degrading towards the side of CUTE. I started feeling a tiny bit of cringe ever since, pango and willow came. I wouldn't complain if alongside the CUTE things, they'll release some lore-friendly or manly stuff. It's why I loved the addition of Mars. Give us Macho and Sexy next year for the new heroes, and I won't mind the CUTE stuff.

  2. Josh Aquat8cs says:

    League is laughing………

  3. Rex Imingan says:

    It's alright to me.

  4. Levinus Samson says:

    Vote for meme = trash

  5. Pneuman1ac_! says:

    people actually compared Ogre, a hero with somewhat idiot and stupid personality, TO EARTHSHAKER, WHO'S WAY MORE SERIOUS AND HAVE A SERIOUS LORE. WHAT, A FLYING OGRE ? DEMONIC VOICE LINES ?
    Read this: "The ordinary ogre is the creature for whom the phrase 'As dumb as a bag of rock hammers' was coined. In his natural state, an ogre is supremely incapable of doing or deciding anything." also, "With two heads, Ogre Magi finds it possible to function at a level most other creatures manage with one."
    read the fucking lore, then complain.

  6. Sambe Rinda says:

    I wait Arcana disruptor 🙂

  7. Mikasa Flavia says:

    Better vote WR arcana than this

  8. a' am says:


  9. Zy Borg says:

    Earthshaker Arcana was more 🔥 🔥

  10. Min Khant Aung says:

    Come on! I don’t mean this is Bad. But I expected more than this 😭😭😭

  11. LaxonPfc says:

    He looks like a wierd version of Chaos Knight

  12. ronel lacson says:

    One word: Disappointing

  13. baddayforu says:

    The real chaos knights

  14. Abil Fida Al Katsir says:

    Can't wait Ana carry using this arcana 🙂

  15. Shrivesh Singh says:

    Should have been a flying carpet mount, whoever makes creative decisions should be fired. And basic voice lines lmao even worse than Lina arcana

  16. Jonathan Rodrigues says:

    Um ogro em cima de uma montaria. Nada haver que arcana bosta

  17. Addde says:

    I was hopping for new lines, him sounding smart, SOMETHING CREATIVE.
    But we just got a recolored ogre mounting a fat hypogriff.

  18. Anderson Frans says:

    If this one compares to the last year's rubick arcana, this one is worse for sure. The design isn't that bad, but compared to the complex design on rubick, at least one spell from every heroes rubick's steal is arcana based design, and the voice is changed, on this one Valve didn't put more effort. So basic, even people who hasn't playing Dota for a long time might be thinking this is only immortal from treasure cache.

  19. Racist Chicken says:

    Trash arcana, imagine not voting for faceless void

  20. Gh0st xD says:

    Absolute trash arcana

  21. Zichun Yan says:

    I like the idea of making ogre magi a fried egg chef but could you please don't make the arcana this ugly?

  22. Zen Repors says:

    this it, the worst arcana ever hahaha!

  23. xeiubz420 says:

    Lame af

  24. benito siahaan says:

    Everyone those bought this arcana hava a noob sense of art…broken

  25. xjuux says:

    you call this ARCANA?

  26. Kirk Gonzalez says:

    It wouldve been nicer if they’re half angel half demon. But they tried.

  27. Kirk Gonzalez says:

    The heck? Even the regular skills was even more nicer than the arcana version

  28. Shahmok Shahwit says:

    Ogre Arcana is a Disruptor lookalike lol with that chicken ride.. WORST arcana ever by fucking Valve.Noob … no voice effect change.. an ogre riding a chicken?? Kidding me valve?? 🤮🤮🤮🖕

  29. enkaperson says:

    no custom dagon, hex, atos?

  30. Marcos Dilda says:

    the worst Arcana in the game

  31. anam mansor says:

    Ogre player will absolutely buy it.

  32. Blirm Palomares Velasco says:

    Fucking arcana

  33. Techie Nerd says:

    Better make ogre magi arcana into 4 heads multi cast X 4 = 4 heads


    Esta bonito. De por si el ogro es estúpido según su historia y el pollo lo deja más en claro, me encantan los ojos del pollo xd 💕💕💕💕

  35. The CrazY Bass Man says:

    You vote for meme you get a trash arcana as a meme 🤣 now suck it

  36. Ivan Arifianto says:

    Valve granted the third head

  37. Товарищи Энтузиасты says:

    такое себе

  38. Ronald Ambatoho says:

    Dota 2 is going downhill… After snapfire update patch…. Now this… Valve needs to fire all the employees in the creative department.

  39. Louigi says:

    Better windranger instead of ogre magi

  40. Dave Escartin says:

    This is just like when they release the IO arcana its not worth buying. they only put minimal effects. This kind of skin must be at the prestigious item in the next battlepass not the in the lineup of arcanas coz its like a trash from all arcana released.

  41. xXaLuKaRdXx1 says:

    Ive got it, i just dont understanf all the hate. Compare to other arcanas this one is actually changing the caracter. Yes the lack of changed voice is dramatic however they still compencate it with a 300 of new phrases and a new mount in their band.

    Lets just remmember the lc, lina and mk arcanas. This is something different, and ogre is a halarious caracter that now has some high arcana which is actually great!

  42. christian delarosa says:

    wait what is this AHAHAHHA

  43. Traceless Fan says:

    Looks good. . Thank you..

  44. Elekta Buzz says:

    Meme arcana for meme votes. Nice valve.😂👏👏 They got what they deserves. Their one year chances for an arcana wasted for a meme. 😂 now voters, go buy it and suck his third head between his thights for 35 dollars. 😂 dont complain. U guys want a meme, valve give it.
    Imagine getting a good designs for a meme LOL noone will take arcana votes seriously. Like ever. 😂😂

  45. Penta Pen says:

    No change in the voice line?

  46. El Kontolero says:

    we need to start a petition to change Ogre's Arcana…this looks dumb

  47. Antonius Chandra says:

    It's good arcana and suitable with ogre personality making ogre become cool hero isn't suitable since he is funny also if you still typing WR should have the arcana you can vote your bitch in next TI 😀

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