NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 SUPER Vs 2080 Vs 2080 Ti. Today NVIDIA releases their new RTX 2080 Super card the 2nd fastest gaming card on planet earth!
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49 thoughts on “NVIDIA's RTX 2080 SUPER Vs 2080 Vs 2080 Ti

  1. This card is hells fast and it beats anything else in its price rang. The RTX 2080 Super brings full RTX gaming for $700 and is the fastest card in that price range as the RADEON VII is $749 and known to be slower than a standard 2080, Enjoy the video Tech Fans!

  2. Id be curious to see how they differ during video editing in Adobe Premier as well as Adobe Media Encoder rendering speeds. From what I've read Adobe is starting to better utilize Intel (not AMD yet) video memory.

  3. That song is glorious
    As is the 2080ti
    I just love the 2080ti too much, but wtf how did the 2080 super out perform the 2080ti in some of the benchmarks in the beginning

  4. I'll just stick with my standard 2080 FE not worth the upgrade, plus the 2080 non super should be more than enough for a while paired it with a 9700k so all is good.

  5. Why do I need at least a 650W power supply? I'm running an i7 9700k and a 2080 super and everything has said I will be just fine with 550W.

  6. Why did Nvidia stop at 384bit memory bus width which was released 12 YEARS AGO on 8800 GTX in 2006 ??? shouldn't we be at 2048bit by now ???

  7. Screw Quake, you should've shown the ray tracing on minecraft. Now that shit is an impressive difference. Not to mention Cyberpunk will have it, and if the Witcher 3 is any indication, CDPR is gonna make some money.

  8. Hi, could you please compare the 2080 super in SLI/NV vs the Ti? For for 4K gaming I feel this is really the question as. 2 x 2080 super costs almost the same as the ti. Buuut, I’ve seen loads of videos saying sli in gaming is dead? But this is really the choice for 4K gaming. And how much would RTX on/off effect the FPS. Love the vids, thanks for all the effort you put in – you’re the reason I build PCs!

  9. I'd gladly pick up an 'older' 2080, but everyone is still charging regular prices for them. So now it's $749 for MSI 2080 Super or $749 for MSI 2080. Ok…

  10. Damn good video, on a side note, where can I buy this god-like benchmark track? It's up there with Something to believe in.

  11. 2080 ti > 1080 ti > 2080 super > 2080 in my opinion at this time of review. 1080 ti is the king of price/performance among all.

  12. Good review Elric. You kept it nice and simple. Nvidia are pretty sneaky though, bringing this card out. Just to trump AMD. However this is the price the 2080ti should have been. Nice specs and temps. But I suspect many 2080 ti owners will be a little upset when they bought the ti for more than 1200 dollars, and here we have the Super which has similar ! specs and runs a bit cooler at almost half the price of the 2080 ti. This is typical of tech companies in this segment of the 21st century, when new tech is released the price is through the roof for consumers, then a year later, similar tech is released at half the price, why ? because no one will buy the overpriced new technology when it was first released, so then the tech companies lose money and have to come up with a cheaper product but similar specs. We certainly do live in an age of greed and avarice, we are all drowning in this tech swamp of self indulgent tech companies taking every penny or cent from us. When will it all end . Sorry about the rant ! I just wish there was some kind of balance and fairness to buying new tech for a PC. There was nothing but controversy when the 2080 ti was released and the crazy price point of that card. Not to mention the lack of RTX features in many games. Is the 2080 ti a good card ? yes of course, it’s very fast and has some great features, but those PC folks on a budget will find it hard to spend that kind of money on a graphics card. And now ! we have the 2080 Super, although missing the suffix “ ti “ is still a very fast card and much cheaper. Who is gonna bother buying the 2080 ti unless 4K gaming is your thing.

  13. 2nd most powerful? Isn't there the Titan RTX and 2080 Ti? It's only 3rd fastest. Sure the Titan is stupidly expensive, but so is the 2080 Ti.

  14. You know Elric after watching a lot of videos about the NVIDIA's RTX SUPER Card the performance give me headache, but Elric you make me happy i appreciated so much, even Nvidia don't care they just want to get money

  15. I understand the complaints about Nvidia this generation but I also think people are forgetting how amazing RTX tech actually is, even if it isn't implemented in a ton of games right now. Real time Ray tracing is truly amazing tech.

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