NVIDIA Tablet K1 revisit. Does it still hold up?


  1. MontajKraft TV says:

    For pubg, gta, ?

  2. MontajKraft TV says:

    Is that good in 2019 for Gaming ?

  3. moab smith bey says:

    The switch has a fan for cooling sheild tablet don't.

  4. moab smith bey says:

    The switch is better but if it had half life 2 and episode 1 2 it could run at 60fps tegra x1.

  5. moab smith bey says:

    Tegra k1 sheild tablet get too hot for gaming I had it over three time and the battery drian bad. Half life 2 drain really bad I had to sell it but I regret doing it .

  6. Mr Chico says:

    i have a question, i myself of a k1 and i was wondering is uppgrading the os on it to the latest and use a mini sd card as main hardrive for os and everything else for greatly speed up the tablet or is the hardware just to old?

  7. Everest says:

    Not sure what I use it for, it heats up like crazy for almost anything, battery life becomes atrocious, there's aren't any viable fixes for this, I'm looking to sell my 32gb Lte version down the line.

  8. cloud game tryout says:

    Hows geforce now on there?

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