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Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing, One Year Later: Was “Just Buy It” Good Advice?

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40 thoughts on “Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing, One Year Later: “Just Buy It” …or Maybe Not?

  1. Seems like Ultra for it is pointless…little difference. High seems to be the proper setting, having enough fps while having that feature on.

  2. The problem with Shadow of the tomb raider is not that ray tracing is not enough to stand out but that rasterisation is not bad enough to look bad next to ray tracing

  3. Ray tracing owns actually, not only does it look amazing its filled this entire comment section with crying AMD fanboys. Namaste.

  4. Ray Tracing just seems like an artificial "feature" that nvidia used to make their products seem more exclusive. Remember PhysX? It made huge changes to games, but to the point where it made you think, "I'm pretty sure they could have added that to non-physx cards and consoles. Borderlands 2 and the Batman Arkham series show the biggest "PhysX improvements", but again, they just seem to be artificial features that nvidia pays the developers to include in their game.

  5. This video is very sad because it shows poor basic knowledge from the "reviewer". In lighting calculation, nothing is for free. Every single lighting effect that increases rendering quality has performance penalty ; It has been like that since the beginning of video games with shadows, Global illumination, and so on. it's mathematics 101.
    Expecting Ray tracing to be free or with minimum performance impact is lying to your audience and delusional. But what is horrible is your attitude that only considers ULTRA settings as acceptable. Common, VERY HIGH or HIGH gives you good framerate with ON Ray tracing and you enjoy the feature.
    Now we get it, you don't like Ray tracing and you think it's useless but not every one thinks like you. I personally prefer HIGH settings and Ray Tracing than ULTRA and no Ray Tracing.
    In summary, stop this ray tracing bashing, its the future of gaming. And maybe return to college to study some mathematics, then you will stop to complain about performance penalty each time a new feature comes in…

  6. Success or failure depends on how you look at it. Does it take its toll on fps? Yes. But then again, any time you improve visuals it takes a toll on performance.

    There are a lack of games that support dxr, but the library is growing. And there are more games coming.

    I do feel that it could have done better, for sure. However it is far from a failure. I look at it as a "starting point". There were few games that supported it because it d new. But it did show promise. A year later, we got more games promising support, the games we already have had several updates to help improve performance, and next gen consoles are promising support.

    It is a starting point, and with the future of dxr looking strong, I would say this was a success. It will only get better in time.

  7. You cant run Oblivion at "hundreds of fps" as anything about 60fps breaks the janky physics engine and will cause some really weird things to happen, like bumping into a object will launch it into orbit.

  8. I’m new to gaming I haven’t gamed since I built a system in 1997 in high school but what I get out of ray tracing is that it’s a leg to stand on for the Nvidia sheep bending over and getting ass raped when they release they’re hard earned money to a company that has no competition and knows it and fucks it’s customer from its ivory tower…. and now Amd though just dick slapped them with a 5700xt. I have an asus strixx I’m testing for a customer and this thing boost to just shy of 2.2 out of the box. So maybe 3-6% of the performance of a 2080 super for $350 less hhhmmmm

  9. At the very start of the RTX conference, I was excited. Reality quickly settled in as I wondered "who will actually integrate this into their games?"

  10. Hey look at our cool ray traced shadows at 30fps on your 1200 dollar video card. You can make up some performance with our exclusive Deep Learning Super Smearing option. F U Nvidia.

  11. Honestly I just got a 2060 and I'm happy with it, 1070/1070ti-like performance but cheaper and with a free game I would buy anyway. For me it's only pros and no cons. I don't care a lot about ray tracing but amd cards are literally hot as hell and they don't give out any games that interest me.

  12. Lol oblivion running at hundreds of fps? Yeah nope, i doubt the 2080 ti could run the game at 60fps if they added ray tracing. Good idea tho, imagine morrowind with rtx support.

    Todd is glaring angrily at me right now, hes just pissed he cant milk a 20 year old engine to get free live service money the fucker.

  13. We're not going to see a lot of RTX games until Unreal and Unity have production-ready implementations. Unreal is still in beta and Unity is basically alpha. But next year when the engines have production ready builds with ray tracing I think we're going to see a lot of games that are built with Unreal/Unity updating with DLC or being released with support.

  14. Thanks for reminding me my purchase of a non-RTX 1660Ti card was a good choice. There's just no RTX titles that interest me, and i'm happy with the performance of my 1660Ti in all my non-RTX games.

  15. It's like gpu-physx all over again.
    (except last time it worked with AMD gpu using nvidia gpu as physx-only processor, yet they blocked it via drivers)

    How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

  16. rtx and raytracing is like 3DTV a failure and joke, maybe in 5 years that will be decent when cards will be like 20x faster, today its simpler and bigger shit than 3D Studio on 386 cpu 25 years ago

  17. Letting consumers pay and doing the testing for them? Success! :3
    Also that under half framerate – part of testing guyse and early dev adoption until it reaches actually usable state in 4-5 years

  18. Epic fail. Why? Because even their own cards can't do raytracing. No-ones playing games at 60 fps when they're buying top cards. Give me 240 hz raytracing or fuck off.

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