Nvidia New Driver 431.36 vs 430.86 – GTX 1050 – 4 Games Tested


  1. R3 1200/A8 7650K & GTX 1050 says:

    I recommend staying on 430.86 for any pre Turing cards. There isn't that much change in these games but the temps are higher. And from those some posts I saw on Reddit there's big drops in other games.

    Turing cards should update.

  2. H s says:

    bro what about 436.48.should i upgrade or stay with 430.86???

  3. Lalremtluanga Tluanga says:

    i have gtx 750ti which driver will be better for me thnx in advance

  4. Mr. Reeder says:

    in your device manager you can roll back to version 430.86 if you do own the 1050 ti

  5. Arthur Candreva says:

    I really do not understand, when I was with 430.86 my fps dropped a lot, to the point of I wonder if gtx 1070 was not holding up. After the update (431.36) the games now so super stable. the Resident Evil remake with everything at maximum, crysis 3 … zero lag. If someone can explain it to me, I did not find any topic that really explained anything. gtx1070mini + i7 7700k + 16gb ddr4

  6. Arnob Chowdhury says:

    I play pubg mobile on tencent gaming buddy…my graphics card is nvidia geforce 940mx 4gb with intel hd graphics 620.which version of nvidia driver should i use for pubg mobile?Should i use the latest driver version of intel?please help me!

  7. Mubż says:

    I have gt 1030 which driver is better fo4 m3

  8. Sacri DO says:

    I am in 419.35 u recommend update to 430.86? My pc i5 3470
    Gtx 1050ti
    8gbs ram

  9. Hatori Hanzo says:


  10. Mubż says:

    Iam upgraded already how to degrade to 430

  11. SkyNETTestGames says:

    War Z Vulkan -11fps /1080Ti

  12. Supreme Rival says:

    the temp is not the same for each test

  13. Bludenwurst says:

    Hello, what settings do you use in nvidia control panel?

  14. [Dz] says:

    Fake, new driver rly sux, try 399.24and you will be happy

  15. Aldo Chem says:

    In RE2 with driver nvidia 431.36 I get errors on the screen

  16. Kaneki Ken says:

    Metro Exodus and The Division 2 Test ?

  17. Slim1337shady chicka chicka says:

    Nvidia playing dirty forcing people to upgrade to The RTX. By Nvidia Hello Radeon.

  18. Gh L says:

    1030+3770S +4*3 with1809 onQ77 board
    I got 87 points more on 3Dmark

  19. Udriste Leonard says:

    On GTX 950m, the games are glitching and freezing with this driver (431.36) and the sound is interrupting so i rolled back to 430.86 which is more stable and it worked very well for me.

  20. Jay Time says:

    you know that this driver actually supports cards going back to 600 series its the first time in over 2 years i really think its because of testers like this that they started to support old cards again

  21. Pramudito Sugiri says:

    The GPU+CPU becomes hotter & slower. Why?

  22. Ak47 says:

    so nothin

  23. Brent P says:

    Really? No Metro: Exodus? That was one of the emphasized games.

  24. Seeko 94 says:

    So i can say they fked up your card even more . The only usefull thing is on gtx but the rest just all went garbage . u need a new card.

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