We are reviewing the mining hashrate of the Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 1660 (non Ti). We will also take a look at how it ranks from an efficiency standpoint vs. the 1660 Ti and other popular cards we have been tracking. I hope you find this helpful.
1660 GPU seen in video:
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Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
1660 Cost: 0:32
WhatToMine: 0:40
Why Gigabyte: 2:05
Unboxing: 3:40
1660 vs 1060: 4:50
RVN Hashrate: 6:00
Eth Hashrate: 6:50
Settings Used: 9:50
Efficiency vs Other Cards: 10:50
ProgPow: 13:30
Summary: 16:00
► HashRaptor 1660 Testing Spreadsheet:
► HashRaptor Value Spreadsheet (from “Best GPU’s for Mining in 2019” video):
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12 thoughts on “NVIDIA GTX 1660 Mining Hashrate Review | 1660 vs 1660 Ti | Eth RVN ProgPow Grin BEAM and Zcoin

  1. I’ve just ordered 13 of the gtx 1660ti going to build the rig soon we decided to go with the asus b250 motherboard just getting the time to do it

  2. Hey I just wanted to say your channel is excellent. I'm setting up a hobbyist rig right now and yours is one of the only channels that provide good information that isn't geared towards the 'novice' computer building community, with hard facts and statistics to boot! Just subscribed, please keep up the excellent work!

  3. Youtube algorithm is broken. Ive been searching for 1660 vs 1660 ti on ProgPow for days on youtube. Your video never showed up. And suddenly today it's in my recommended….

  4. With the way the profitability of coins are leapfrogging each other, IMHO the extra $50 for the 1660ti is still worth it. According to Whattomine, the TI's boost over the Non-TI gives you more choices of coins to mine as the market shifts.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting results. Your other video about the 1660 Ti was very helpful as well.

    – You mentioned the EVGA 1660 Ti uses a little more power. I think it's because the TDP of that card is 130w which is 10w higher than the other models. This may be better for gamers trying to push the card but probably not as useful to the miners.
    – 1660 looks interesting but given the value score is so close it seems maybe the 1660 Ti is a better choice. Maybe I'm just telling myself that since I bought a bunch after watching your last video and crunching some numbers. The performance/slot is better so I can use less cards which means less cables, less clutter, and less cards to resell in the future. The resale value of the 1660 Ti seems like it might be better as well since it has more cores and faster GDDR6 though it might a tough sell anyway when prices come down on the 2060 and 2070.
    – A little disappointing to see the somewhat lower value score for the Radeon VII. I have a few of them and the performance is great even if the efficiency is somewhat low. For efficiency I set the voltage to the lowest possible for each board and went from there. Was able to get about 73 Mh/s from each one for I think 180w or less though admittedly I didn't record the exact number in my notes. Worth a shot as I think that would help the value score a bit.

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