Nvidia GeForce 30 Ampere Significantly Faster & Massively Improved Ray Tracing Performance?

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Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 series of graphics cards launch in 2020, and will be based on the Ampere architecture and use a 7nm process, most likely from Samsung.
According to rumors, Ampere will improve in both traditional rasterization performance, but also ray tracing over Tturing.
Ampere will also sport more memory, lower TDP and of course, higher clock speeds… most likely thanks to the shink in process.
Given that Ampere will be facing stiff competition from both Intel with Gen 12 / Intel Xe and AMD next year with big Navi (Navi 12) and the second generation rdna. .
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  1. Arkadiusz switaj says:

    youtobe HELL:D

  2. Pedro Soares says:

    I seriously hope so, the turing series is definitely the worst series in gpu history, it brought nothing new in value

  3. maxfmfdm says:

    NVIDIA just haven't learned. They can't shit all over their architecture performance and expect gains from fabrication process. They need to make gains from architecture. Just look at the 900 series. Great architecture improvements. So good that the 10 series rode it's wave and was a huge hit. 20 series fucking tanked all that by adding raytracing which was a steaming pile of dog shit. And anyone who has worked with raytracing could have told you that 1 trace per pixel is laughable. Minimum for realtime games should be 16 traces per pixel. So they KNOWINGLY tanked their performance/price ration FOR A GIMMICK. And they are too stubborn to admit the huge fault and correct the next gen. I'll keep my money invested in AMD thanks.

  4. Papa Tom says:

    Mate, I don't know what to do. I want to upgrade to 2080 super from my 1060, but the new cards are about to get released. What should I do? Help me.

  5. Melthornal says:

    I don’t really understand the ‘value’ argument for hardware. Even when i was dirt poor i never bought the ‘value’ card. I set a budget for what i want and buy it. I’d rather go longer between upgrades than not get what i want.

  6. HazzyDevil says:

    I do hope that these gpu’s have great improvements in general compared to rtx 2000’s than simply improving on ray tracing

  7. Lt. Riku says:

    Thank God I was just planning to upgrade from 1050 to 2070 super now this news hits me… Will get 3000 series instead with proper rtx.. Thanks for the news… My 1050 is still strong enough for the games I play and the price will be cheaper than 2000 series too

  8. Mario Passendorf says:

    Ray Tracing performance must be improved at least +100% otherwise RT in games will be as a joke .

  9. ShamanKish says:

    Ray tracing is a horrible waste of money.

  10. R3D says:

    Mid next year will be a good time to upgrade. AMD Ryzen 4000 and Nvidia RTX 3000 series.

  11. Fierce Vinegar says:

    just hope they actually have decent prices this time not 500 bucks for a 70 card,

  12. Steve B says:

    Buddy & I skipped the 20xx series RTX for obvious reasons: Price tag was stupid and performance was not that great over 1080/1080ti. I've done with the 1st gen gfx adoption thing too many times in last 20 plus years.
    Until nVidia 2nd best 30xxRTX card can do 60fps 4k RTX with very high to Ultra settings…I'm staying on the fence or contemplating AMD.
    My current 1080 GTX is doing fine @ 5760×1200

  13. prawi1 says:

    What the hell only commercials

  14. nickdavijhon says:

    lol I thought that was a black guy!

  15. Sabin1981 says:

    It's the price that's bothering me 🙁 I'm still "rocking" a GTX1070, over two years old now, because the 20×0 series are just too damned expensive. Crazy expensive, especially here in Norway, which means the upcoming 30×0 series maintaining the same price point will just keep that out of my reach too :

  16. TheRaven762 says:


  17. Donald Kim says:

    thanks so much Paul for quick update and thorough explanation as always!

  18. Zdravko Iliev says:

    This guy looks like serial pedofile.

  19. mark vietti says:

    lol reading the comments you realize how hated Nvidia is…

  20. Steven Threlfall says:

    ray tracing is just a fad at the moment.

  21. Rene Kunnskap says:

    Well, if these GPU sellers don’t shape up and give us something game changing next year, I’m going to become a peaseant and buy myself a Xbox Scarlett 😉 why beat the bush when you can get a good console (And AMD owns that market!)?

  22. Insights says:

    I've been hearing the same damn thing about amd's nvidia and intel killers for the last 20 years and I'm still waiting to actually see one.

  23. Gameslord says:

    Wait,wait,wait,RTX2600 DEMOLISHES 1660Ti@1440p,but looses @4K???
    In some benchmark a day or several ago,I've seen i7 8700K in CSGO @1440p performing better than in 1080p…

    Strangely odd things happening in 2019… .

  24. beaR says:

    14:38 best part, youre welcome.

  25. beaR says:

    Yes, because reddit is the ultimate trusted source. Just like wccftech. smh.


    Only costs one soul! With tax that’s also your firstborn.

  27. click trEsni says:

    What they are trying to do is make it so people with the money feel the need to upgrade every single year , they know what they are going to sell us in 20 years they have it all planned out to make money by milking people. Planned obsolescence to the max.

  28. David Faustino says:

    There's an entire G-SYNC controller built into the monitor.. thus the higher price.. thus wanting to show it off on the box so people buy it… Freesync isn't as robust since theres no extra dedicated hardware. Look at latency instead of just frame tearing.

  29. Harry says:


  30. Ben Carter says:

    I've been considering building a PC with a 2080 ti in the next three months. So someone with more GPU knowledge and experience than me, should I wait for the 30x series cards, get a 2080 ti and use it until the next top-tier cards drop and then sell it, or get a higher price to performance option like the 2070 super and sell that when the high end 30x cards drop?
    Any recommendations would be appreciated 🙂

  31. Kivalt says:

    I just fucking bought a 2080 ti.

  32. MadFinnTech says:

    I just wish we'd get real performance gains for decent price sooner than later.

  33. NPC says:

    speaking about 1080p performance in 2019. You should use 1440p in 2019 and hopefully with next cards 4k won't be a big deal anymore.

  34. Bhikkhu says:

    My fat ass. You have zero sources. Only saying shit just to say shit in hopes of gaining subs and views.

  35. Visamk says:

    Go to the hairdresser :/

  36. Ryan Rollins says:

    this article is quite wordy…. after 4 minutes of worthless words 🙁

  37. MrAudi220 says:

    Basicly everyone who bought a 20 series rtx card funded nvidea by overpaying for these cards and rtx has been the biggest marketing scam in the history of gpu's,like only worth playing at 1080p to get around 60 fps if your lucky with rtx on(with a 30+% performance hit) in 2019???What a joke while resolutions are getting higher along with refresh rates,if i buy a next gen top tier card like a x80ti i expect 4k ultra 120+hz stable without drops.and still then 1400+euro for a GPU???well that price is purely to sponsor nvidea's rtx R&D for the future,if big navi performs like promised i will wave nvidea bye bye(yes i got 1080ti at a good decent price for less then 800euro to play 1440p 144hz on high/ultra which is justifiable)As for intel they are the other capitalistic crooks who want a piece of the gpu pie since they are failing in their overpriced cpu sku's,they are struggling to put out 10nm,so expect some marketing BS on the gpu's side from them too.As for AMD,i have high hopes and since the 9900k from intel has been raised in price by 30euro (not to mention the obligation to also buy a new mobo)in a months time,i'm pretty sure my next cpu will be a Ryzen chip.

  38. GamerDude GamerDude says:

    Ohh shucks!!! RTX 20xx customers where beta testers….

    And if the RTX 2080ti was price in about $1,200 at launch. Seems like RTX 3080ti would be about $1,500-$3,000 at launch…


  39. Takarie Zan says:

    Should I even buy an RTX/5700xt card this holiday season?

  40. Battleneter says:

    "Control" has very mediocre screen spaced reflections, lets be kind and say not much time was spent on them over deliberately nerfed to make RT look so much better. Many games put Control to shame when you compare standard Raterisation techniques, so I am not as impressed as this guy.

  41. HuntaKiller says:

    If the 3060 is as good as 2070Super or 2080..then i might jump in,as my 4k tv needs more Gaming horsepower..i believe games like AC odyssey or witcher3 won't have a hardtime playing in 4k

  42. psiklops71 says:

    this will be a great year cause budget video cards killer deals

  43. Product reviewer uk says:

    I don't think about it in such detail I just look at price and but it fuck it

  44. joe allan says:

    really hope 3070/3080 has 11gb vram and 3080ti has 14gb vram

  45. justin lloyd says:

    this is almost why i DIDNT buy a 2080ti…i bought a 2080 super but thats another story! lol. anyways im looking forward to the next 'ti' …u know that the first of any new hardware like 'tensor' cores is always trash…i rekon the 3080ti wont be any faster than the 2080ti but itll prolly handle RTX without the drastic frame drops

  46. Walter Marcus says:

    should i wait for 30 series or buy the Rtx 2070s now….?

  47. Ronaldo Pereira says:

    I have an 1080Ti, and I decided to skip the 2000 series, as they are introducing Ray Tracing and a bunch of other shit in it. So I imagine that the 3000 series will have these techs perfected and a significant performance boost from 1000 series. I hope I am right!

  48. Jaakko Bergman says:

    What is the fucking "NARWAY", say NA-VI.

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