North Korea – All the dictator's men | DW Documentary

North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its leader Kim Jong Un has still found the money he needs to finance a nuclear weapons program, despite the country’s fundamental poverty and international economic sanctions.
This documentary looks at how, and introduces the men who have helped Kim Jong Un keep his dreams of reaching nuclear power status alive. North Korea has not reined in its nuclear program, despite a number of UN resolutions that have tried to force it to do so. So how has the isolated country kept the program going despite sanctions? Every year Pyongyang sends millions of North Korean workers abroad, selling their services to over 40 countries around the world. And their salaries flow directly into Kim’s treasury. The only ones who know exactly how the system works are the men who have helped the North Korean government carry through the program for years. A film team spent years researching these men and their secrets – from bankers and diplomats to the laborers and specialists who worked abroad and whose wages flowed into the regime’s coffers. Come and meet all the dictator’s men.
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  1. backto1960 says:

    This is such a powerfully edited and profoundly paced documentary DW. Eye opening stuff. Kudos!!!!!!!

  2. Azadi-e-janwar !!! says:

    they still use windows 10 in north korea

  3. Pedro Gallegos says:

    The war never ended?
    It did end in 1953 .
    Just that American Western media keeps on saying that it's on
    but it's really NOT.
    Talk to the South Korean president Moon
    & North Korean President
    Kim Jonh Un.

  4. John Brown says:

    NK is the world's biggest Church on the surface of the planet. LOL! Only difference between this church and other churches is that their God is a living God :(! Other churches/temples/Mosques and their believers believe in an all powerfully God that requires some artful thinking. LOL I believe in Uncle Sam cuz he phucks me every day through tax in every direction i turned.

  5. 3D Bolly Music says:

    By Seeing North Korea We Should Learn That How Much The Freedom Is Important To The Humans . 😞😞😞😞

  6. Mansikkacake says:

    So sad to see. wonder how many % of citizens know there are more than fantastic world exists outside of their place and wonder if they will never get to see that? It is like a brave new world that they are assigned to their jobs.

  7. china thailand says:

    they need to get rid of the un bunch and create a govt system. such a sick place.

  8. china thailand says:

    what a horrible place for most. starving slaves to a sick agenda and a sick family. disgusting.

  9. Panzer Blitz says:

    South Korea is torturing and massacring millions of dogs and other pets for criminal greed.

  10. moonbeam says:

    North Korea has suffered famines and war because of US Neocon imperialism .They would rather live in poverty but with their country free of US war criminals . US Imperialist don't invade nations armed with nuclear weapons .

  11. Cool_Cat007 Smoove says:

    I do admire them to a degree, they said no to the muppet masters of the world. They do what they ( May it be good or bad ) lets be real we all live in a corrupt country. Some better than others.

  12. Sid Sharma says:

    8:50 Sir raises middle finger to Kim 😀

  13. Ashish Singh says:

    2:15 " How can the country which is poorest on the planet and shunned by all other* countries able to afford nuclear power "

    They didn't , they just got it from China

  14. Name einfügen says:

    Were they allowed to use this documentary because 10 months earlier this was released by a german tv channel called arte. If you want to see it just search for Kims Männer.

  15. unb3k44n7 says:

    Dang the first guy who says he wants to show his face in hopes he will be too recognized to be assassinated, he's so hot he can come live at my house in the US to claim sanctuary 😅 kidding not kidding he can stop over

  16. August Jones says:

    Another American propaganda film.

  17. Luis Ventura says:

    Fuck the Kim family……fuck them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Peter L says:

    North Korea is a $h!thole for most citizens. It's all fake in Pyongyang. A showplace for the world but supported by fraud.

  19. Thang Le says:

    The last part where the guy from office 39 was so good

  20. David Mobley says:

    The North Korean government is just one of the worst products of human civilization ever created

  21. Jeff Hur says:

    Interesting as the current president Moon Jae In is a communist, North Korean sympathizer a with a shady past.

  22. ana b says:

    is so sad this kind of system exists. there is no equality, everything is going Kims pocket

  23. Mohammad M says:

    This is what communism brings, anti-fa.

  24. Sanjay Bindian says:

    Not a free nation but they believe they are at war! You in the west are so miserable there is no hope ! Cause you believe your free !

  25. Andy Monk says:

    The daily music remind me of Toyota engine plant in West Virginia, they play Japanese music every day.

  26. dr howard davis says:

    The Dem libs want to turn us into socialists nooooo thanksssssssss! 😳🤯

  27. Roger Porath says:

    I dont like kim but. In 60 years his family has moved up to the world stage and now the world and usa has to respect them if i was the potus i would take kim and kill his ass by a frist strike usa have become pussys the usa is just about the money

  28. Roger Porath says:

    There lucky they didn have Americans wifes the men would defect in droves because of American laws on kids is hell

  29. Red Butterfly says:

    Well north korea getting help from germany too and this documentary is one of those help to boost and promote north korea.

  30. normal guy says:

    In Belive a great game called the Helpers yo Kim Il Sung the Deck of 52 and I don’t think it’s changed.

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