Noblesse Episode 2 Sub


  1. Anathema Device says:

    Thank you,i love this webtoon…

  2. Rodney Walker says:

    0:45 me if someone hurts my best friend

  3. xing xing says:

    How many episodes have aired? Waited three years For this man Cmon 😂😅😅

  4. Eric Malaza says:

    Yeah…….were's is the episode 3

  5. Roksana parvin says:

    I want episode 3 .please upload it

  6. Jireh Joy Sayon says:

    Is this even a Japanese?

  7. Teddy Manguilimotan says:

    Grave tagal nato pero wla paring ep 3 nka hold kc sa Korea hahai lupit NG anime NG korea

  8. Jovaldo Gosal says:

    Ini bukan bhs indo tai

  9. DIO Dio says:

    Bang tolong di buatin sub indo nya

  10. umi masnah says:

    Its like i was waiting for a few years to watch the new ep 😣what take it so long to update the new ep? 😯 this story is great . It doesnt makes any sense if this story has no response from the fans . I like this story so please . Its not just me but there are the rest of people who liked this story too so dont let the fans of this story get down😯anyway thanks for your hardwork to update this story . I believe you have your own reason why you took a few years to update the next ep 😊

  11. Roksana Parvin Dipa says:

    When will episode 3 be released?

  12. goldenhoney14 says:

    I'm sad that Ashlynn died and that the two friends fought each other.😭😢😭 How could the creators do this!!!!

  13. sikasi k says:

    Kok gk ada sub indo sih anjing lah

  14. อ้าวว เฮ้ยย says:


  15. Janine Lorraine says:

    When will you upload episode 3?

  16. sky Blue says:

    isnt dis OVA?

  17. Vanessa Quack says:

    is not episode 2 bitch 🖕🏼

  18. Rakib Rakib says:

    Its awesome

  19. Narmada Nithin says:

    Thats the fight I didn't get to read in Webtoon. That was really a tough one

  20. Siapa Saya says:

    Kirain eps 2 bneran, ini mah nobles begening yang ceritain masalalu muzaka sama anaknya

  21. Oh Gong's dong saeng Son says:

    I cannot forgive Raizel for not allowing the wolf king to take revenge at least on the ones that killed his daughter . And all the vampires he killed, they were hurting too much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. jehanne macagaan says:

    cadis ur my man and hope if someone owe you dont let them make my hands lay on their face?😠😡

  23. RJassasin Sanchez says:

    So this is a korean anime..

  24. Agnieszka Maćkowiak says:

    I already love this😍 And if you would like to upload next episode I'll be waiting 😉

  25. Farhan Julian says:

    bahasa indo dong tolong

  26. Rigio Yadi says:

    Where can I find the awakening ep2

  27. Can I get a waffle says:

    New fans , don't forget to read the webtoon and give love . It's amazing

  28. Stella Marie Bariñan says:

    I want more episodes.

  29. Marceline_ Cosplay says:

    I want more!!! 😭😭😭

  30. Sacha Coeur says:

    Plz l want a 3 épisode is like 30 years l wait to the 3 épisode plz

  31. hesato chishi says:


  32. Winter says:

    After reading the comic , It makes me sad knowing that he uses his life force each time he uses his power

  33. James Kazuto says:

    Please ep3 and so on instagram is yatoxgt

  34. Bloody Time says:

    this is so damn sick!

  35. Miles Vapor says:

    I want more of this. I actually watched it 2 years ago.

  36. Farrell Ridho says:

    Berarti belum ada episode sampek tamat nya dong bang?
    Apa masih ada lagi episode 3 nya, tpi belum rilis ya

  37. Melodie Dollente says:

    in kissanime it didnt appear m,can someone tell me where i can watch this freaking anime,,

  38. •TMH• LHAN says:

    Udh 2,2 rb like eps 3 mana cuy?

  39. FullFightAnime 92 says:

    Nothing will ever take as long as Hellsing so quit your complaints. Keep that shit up and you’ll ruin demon slayer too.

  40. André Willen says:

    are they imitating a archaic dialect?

  41. steamed bun bun says:

    Yesss I've been trying to get a hold of this episode for years,, finally I see one….. Gratitude is expressed dear uploader

  42. OhMyGaHobi says:

    I was so confused why did it change to Korean hahahahah

  43. Ara Marjorie says:

    Español?? Alguien!! Donde encuentro los capítulos 😲😲

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