No Mans Sky VR – Impressions, Gameplay & Performance Tips! // GTX 1060 // Oculus Rift S

(Performance tweaks below!)

**I mentioned in my video that the game isn’t living up to my hype, but after more tweaks (See below) and with 2 hours of smooth gameplay….. I’m starting to change my mind and starting to enjoy the experience now!

* Performance Tweaks I Used:-

Turn V-Sync off in GPU settings.

Right click NMS.exe and in properties, compatibility, change High DPI settings, select High DPI scaling Override, and check that box Scale by Application.

In Game set your resolution to your HMD’s resolution and set the FPS to your HMD’s Hz.
For me I set my resolution to 640×480 (Lower than the HMD) and my FPS to 80 to match the Rift S 80Hz.

** New CPU Core Tweak:-
You first need to find the TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.VR. MXML config file.

It’s located in SteamSteamAppscommonNo Man’s SkyBinariesSETTINGS

Easiest method to find it:

Right click on No Man’s Sky in steam and select Properties

Select Local Files tab and click on Browse Local Files…

Navigate to Binaries and then Settings folder, the file is there

Open the TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.VR.MXML with simple text editor (like NotePad) and search for a line “NumLowThreads”
It will usually have a value that’s 4 or 6 or 8. Just change it to 0 and save the file.

You can also in addition try different values for NumHighThreads afterwards to see if that makes any difference.

I have an i7 (4 cores) so I changed this value to 4.


The Game is available from Steam here:

Game Details from the developers:
No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.


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☆ MY PC Specs:
☆ Oculus Rift S
☆ GeForce GTX 1060
☆ Windows 10, 64 bit
☆ Intel Core i7-3770
☆ 16.0GB Ram




Goals 1 & 2 Reached. THANK YOU! Anything else is a BONUS and will now go towards a Valve Index.


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  1. The Alterlion says:

    I wonder if a gtx 1660ti will run it at 72fps on an Oculus Quest when Link releases.

  2. Wonko_C says:

    Are you really running at 480×640? It looks too sharp / high res. Even the PSVR version runs at 640×720 per eye and that looks blurry as hell.

  3. david holden says:

    Hi does anyone know if a Rtx 2060 would run this..?

  4. westyk52sparky says:

    ya the 1060 is not made for 1440p. if you have a 2060 or 1080 it should run fine

  5. Keith says:

    Do you have any stutter? I have the 3gb one and I absolutely can't stand any stutter.

  6. xenovator says:

    I love Elite Dangerous and Subnautica, and this sure looks like a combo of them booth. I would really like to get this and start playing it, but it is so hard to put the Quest aside and start fiddle with my janky computer setup again. A first-world problem I guess 🙄

  7. Joruus C'Boath says:

    So around the 2:38 time frame of your video you say the game will only save when you "enter" your cockpit. It's actually when you EXIT the cockpit that the game automatically saves, at least by the message that is displayed on screen. You can also manually save at most buildings in the game, not trading posts, alien monoliths nor one other location on planet.

  8. scal man says:

    did you finding it still ok image on that low resolution ?

  9. Clint Strawn says:

    Watching the edges of your screen lagging in this recording tells me that even after the changes, you're in constant ASW reprojection. Let me say that a stable 45/40fps in this game "feels" pretty decent with ASW running, but it still isn't good or acceptable performance for VR. Even on my gtx 1080 with all the tweaks and low settings applied I'm basically locked in ASW and even get drops below that in the nexus, at bases, and many planets depending on complexity. This game needs major optimizations for VR.

  10. tyler poe says:

    So just an FYI, NMS is 50% off right now on Steam until Aug 21st. Also as day one player of NMS, Hello Games releases free content updates and the procedural generation side of it, has made these updates buggy at launch. But Hello Games does do really well at fixing the bugs, it just takes a little time. And this being their first crack at VR, it’ll probably take them a little longer to fix but rest assured, they will. In the first 48 hours after Beyond launched, they released 18 builds across Pc and console.

  11. Ram Revivo says:

    Hey, nice video!
    quick question tho, is your GTX 1060, 6gb or 3gb??
    I'm trying to figure out if my GTX 970 will handle it..

  12. D1WHOLIVE says:

    no worries mate ur videos r great n yes nms dont like capture software this game will be a love it or hate it cuz is like a sim so vr players have to wear there headsets for hours at the time i thing this game r for vr vets
    i am playing on a hi end pc on pimax n this is my cup of tea
    wait u got a way better planet that i did

  13. Nathan Williams says:

    It doesn’t seem to make a difference what settings I use it runs fairly smooth until I move location a bit then it judders all over the show which just makes you feel sick, it’s like a loading thing. Obviously much worse flying over the terrain

  14. BobaRhett13 says:

    Glad of the care you put into your playthrough. Looks great!

  15. WrothBog says:

    i think they did a good job of the port, but they can improve it. support more movement systems and interaction options and they'll have the genre defining title. it's close and that's bugging people more than if they hadn't have tried. a haphazard port like subnautica could have been done. they did invest time and effort but maybe should have run some experimental branches for feedback. they can polish this with some patches and unlike some other developers they have the proof that shows they know how to polish

  16. VR_GAMERS says:

    The best performance tweak for any VR Game is to lower the rendering scale in SteamVR for native Steam VR Games.. the same applies to native Oculus games. Hope that helps. Having the choice which SDK ( for Oculus users) to use would be an ideal senario for all Steam VR titles. Every CPU/GPU cycle counts when running VR Games.

  17. Paradise Decay says:

    **I mentioned in my video that the game isn't living up to my hype, but after more tweaks (See below) and with 2 hours of smooth gameplay….. I'm starting to change my mind and starting to enjoy the experience now!

  18. truhardcore says:

    what cpu are you running

  19. truhardcore says:

    thanks for the honesty

  20. truhardcore says:


  21. truhardcore says:

    found it pd ..cheers

  22. Lazadum says:

    NMS VR is unplayable on the ps4, everything is blurry af and the graphics are below low.

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