19 thoughts on “No-confidence vote in UK government may be held next week: MP

  1. Corbyn a democrats, Ha! He is planning a coup d'etat that is a match for any Banana Republic.
    If Boris is replaced, he will not keep the title of shortest time as PM for very long. Corbyn will be lucky to last two weeks, before a general election that will reelect Boris.

  2. These snakes are living on borrowed time, after the next election Parliament will packed with Pro-Brexit MPs, and 'Game Over'"

  3. 0:21 guy in the background looks like hes about to shoot everyone up lol all he needs now is the ok hand sign and a bowl cut

  4. Wait till Europe slap UK with billions a year in fines of Carbon Taxes.

    The Corbyn & remoaners will have alot of explaining to do lmao <<< PROJECT FEAR THAT

  5. Corbyn can not sit as PM. Labor is not the majority party.
    The supreme court seems to think brexit needs to be debated… so, start debating it!

  6. Never in the History of Parliament have the 2 main parties been so harmful for the COUNTRY. The main protagonist are disgusting men, self-centred; self-serving; not one iota of confidence in either . They are a disgrace to the posts they hold.

  7. it's wonderful that the people that put BORIS in power are now going to strip it from him by joining a no confidence vote. when the predators start to eat each other, the end is near. here's to hoping that things have hit rock bottom and there's no where to go but UP.

  8. The sooner this Tory nightmare is over the better. I just hope Corbyn is farsighted enough to step back and allow a caretaker government to hold the fort, get an extension and arrange for an election and second referendum.

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