Shooter opens fire at Virginia Beach municipal center, killing at least 11, Mexico tariffs could affect even more people than China trade war, and judge delays closing of Missouri’s only abortion clinic.

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1:28 Deadly Shooting Near Virgina Beach Courthouse
3:57 Flooding Prompts Urgent Effort To Save Arkansas Town
5:41 Immigration Battle: Trump Threatens Tariffs On Mexican Goods
7:03 Tariffs Could Have Big Impact On U.S. Consumers
8:48 Judge Delays Closing Of Missouri’s Only Abortion Clinic
10:14 As CBD Use Explodes, FDA Looks At Claims And Safety
12:40 New Efforts To Confront The Police Suicide Crisis
15:29 Murder Mystery In Virginia After Triple Homicide
17:03 As Hurricane Season Begins, New Warnings About Storm Surge

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 31, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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49 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 31, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. In my state (Kansas), everyone, including employees at both courthouses, go through police searches when entering into the building.

  2. Hurricanes, you got a problem wi that? Well get in touch wi the baby jesus he controls everything right? Maybe he figured u were naughty people and deserved some stuff love?

  3. Fake news.
    The shooting was plan out by Democrats to get our guns ban. Common sense. One cop was shot and the shooter didn't get killed? Hmm… something is wrong there. Black man resist arrest but have no gun or any kind of weapon and get killed. Child abortion is evil. If baby are allow to be murder we should allow dog and cat to be eat. Is an animal life worth more than a human being? Finally last but not least, keep those illegals out! Make America great again!

  4. I am so frustrated that the support is not there for serious gun control. It's a necessary part of a mix of things that need to be done to reduce killings like this. Please vote out the Republicans and Donald Trump in 2020.

  5. Navarro is a shithole backdoor economist who still doesn't know who actually pays for the tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the US.
    Trump, of all people, still insists that tariffs are paid by China. How very bizarre.

  6. What was his nationality? I am surprised if this was a Black Man. They usually make that known. Still prejudiced in Mass shootings and death😔

  7. Now that the cop committed suicide his own kids have a good chance to commit suicide he passes that down to his kids selfish go get help.. don't bother to reply I won't even read them dummies

  8. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victims who lives were abruptly taken away…..May you all find some peace and comfort.

  9. It is judgement on America for the mistreatment of the the tribe of Judah Black Americans Deuteronomy 28! He said he would judge that nation for it

  10. U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

    For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government's mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. …………… https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/

  11. tariffs aren't the answer!!!! the president is raising the cost to the public!!!! and eventually cost merchandise not to be delivered!!!!!

  12. Raising tariffs and increased % added to lending is designed to offset the increased salaries of American workers. Therefore, any gains by ordinary citizens is rescinded immediately. Because then they have to declare the economy is in inflation mode. The wealthiest will never allow parity across monetary lines. And maybe it's a good thing. Imagine a bunch of poor just buying stuff, the ecological impact would probably destroy us a hundred years sooner than it already will. The abortion question is multifaceted, legal abortions are necessary, but penalties for forgoing "contraceptive" measures must be applied to irresponsible individuals. Planned Parenthood can do both abortions and surgical contraceptives procedures. That's what the debate should be about. Don't punish people for being pregnant. Punishment should be for those women and men, that just think they get a do over every time common sense goes out.the window.

  13. Suicides are up across all classes of people in America from taxi, Uber, and black car livery drivers to the police; I blame stress and low pay along with a "gig economy" mentality. Why would an engineer of 15 years go on a shooting spree? Was he stressed out too? More tariffs, Yay! I'm already disabled/handicapped and teetering on broke again. What's the future of struggling American citizens? God Bless the rich who are insulated from the despair.

  14. With all of these mass shootings going on it's just a matter of time before an NRA member or family member is gunned down in cold blood. MAYBE that will begin to change their attitudes towards this USA insanity.

  15. I thought planned parenthood was established to educate and assist in planning for the possibility of child birth. When did it become a facility for abortion?

  16. Holy Chamole…!! Look at WHAT is in charge of SURGICAL SERVICES. A Baby killing freak. Easy to see low IQ being used to murder(sacrifice) babies… Thanks for sharing this. Evil comes in many shapes and forms.

  17. So the invisible no name dead man they have in custody goes to trial. The fake hugs, the lousy crisis actors tripping over and stuttering their words, the drone, pf. = FF!

  18. how stupid do you have to be to think that anyone other than consumers pay for these tariffs, its a lose / lose situation, but thats the logic of trump and his supporters, with trump its just ego, with his supporters its clearly stupidity!

  19. Trump is hurting USA citizens. It is USA citizens who PAY.
    NOT China.
    NOT Mexico.
    I suspect this is a "slight of hand" movement because of Mueller's speech.
    I'm disgusted at Trump's antics. He is CLUELESS or doesn't care how people are negatively impacted.
    Bty, did anyone hear that Kim Jong Un had his people who were part of negotiations in Vietnam assassinated? And the ones he spared sent to work camps?
    And Trump says he and Kim are friends and can be trusted.

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