NEW! Wig Chat / Jon Renau JANUARY in SHADED MOCHA (outside too) 24BT18S8

We are going to take a look at JANUARY by JON RENAU in the color SHADED MOCHA today! I purchased this wig myself, and have had my eye on this one for quite awhile. We will also be going outside in some beautiful, natural light to see SHADED MOCHA today!

Here are some specs for JANUARY

Wig Features: Lace Front, Single Mono

A very care free style. The SmartLace front creates the illusion of a natural hairline.

Length: Bang 8.5″, Crown 10″, Side 6.25″, Nape 4.25″
Weight: 2.9 oz
Cap Size: Average

**The wig I was wearing in the beginning of this video was from the Raquel Welch line called ‘Straight Up With A Twist’ in the color Shaded Cappuccino

The Hairspray I currently enjoy using on my synthetic wigs:

BeautiMark Style & Hold Hairspray

The Fill-In Root Powder I use:

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“Living Pulse – Midnight Train”
“Lord Taylor – Until There’s More”


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  1. Norma McManus says:

    Looks natural, attractive and not so much like a wig as your Raquel Welch wig.

  2. J C says:

    I'm definitely purchasing this one!

  3. Susan R says:

    It's very pretty way and it looks very pretty on you. I just started watching wig videos and I noticed that you never comb or or brush the wigs.and I was wondering if you weren't supposed to. I don't think that I would want to just finger a style in my hair. A wide-tooth comb is not allowed? I was just wondering why most wigs that I've seen reviewed there is no combing or brushing whatsoever which I think makes a beautiful wig really look a little messy but not in a good way. Like the week you have on oh, I think a little bit of combing might make that look a lot more natural. I mean the messy look is in style now, but unless you're a teenager I think too messy don't look right. It is a beautiful wig and you look great in that color! The week you had on in the beginning of the video I don't think would require any combing, but this curly one needs a little I think.

  4. Augustine says:

    Would you say this color looks warmer or cooler than the 12fs8 or 12fs12? I'm trying to find something for my sister for Christmas. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

  5. Tryin to Live says:

    You look amazing

  6. Shelley Carlson says:

    Love this! So glad you are posting again.😊

  7. C. Dee says:

    You look beautiful in this wig. I love this color (my fav JR color) and style on you. So glad you're doing wig reviews again and can't wait to see the new ones you're expecting 🙂

  8. mattiesful says:

    That looks like a lot of hair in the front! Love the color on u!

  9. Amber Soprano says:

    That looks great, Jill. I would have never tried this color had I not seen it on you first. Thanks.

  10. Carrie Lonsdale says:

    llove it good choice

  11. Susan Petrella says:

    What does this cost?

  12. Lexicron says:

    Looks terrific on you. Can you tell us how the cap feels? I'm petite-average. Lately, JR has been making his caps bigger–too big for me. Is January close to the size of Julianne on you?

  13. cheryl apel says:

    Coyotes? Yikes!😳 Another gorgeous wig, Jill. Then again, they always look wonderful on you. 😊

  14. Kiki Jean says:

    Know just what you mean, Jill—I'm "going with the flow" yet again on my third Modern Motif! 🙂

  15. Clara says:

    Jill I love this wig in this colour you look really pretty in it thank you for sharing 🤗 💕 💕

  16. Yvonne DeMere says:

    Some of these lace fronts look like I had hair plugs put in my hairline. Lol.
    Or the hair line is just to straight across to look natural on me right out of the box. Plucking is possible. Definitely swirl the hairs at the hairline.

  17. Julia Schall says:

    Love the color on you, I think the darker blonde suites pale complexions better than the light blondes, which can wash a pale person out and make them look older. But I really don't like to dark dark roots, a 8 is just too harsh against pale skin and you can often see plugs. I know they make this color 24BT18* which has a hint of a root, which is very realistic. At least, that is my opinion. Also wanted to say, your were missed and glad to see you back on Youtube.

  18. Yvonne DeMere says:

    Fill in powder is a godsend. My fav color on you! I’m loving this style on you!

  19. Amyrosebud says:

    Hi Jill, looks pretty on you. I love those wavy ones but always feel they look fake on me! Yet my bio hair was very wavy!! Get that! Maybe just need more practice!! 4 year not enough-lol

  20. Prayer Warrior says:

    CUTE (er) on YOU with the way you work with styling than any I've seen. CURLS look fab on you Jill.

  21. Wendy van de Water says:

    Looks very natural on you!

  22. Annie Hall says:

    You can pull off anything

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