NEW STYLE Carry AA Counter Huskar Slark Rod of Atos + Scepter Build Epic Fun Gameplay 7.22 Dota 2

NEW STYLE Carry AA Counter Huskar Slark Rod of Atos + Scepter Build Epic Fun Gameplay 7.22 Dota 2

Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is a ranged intelligence hero who is usually played as a support. Though frail, this icy elemental caster possesses strong semi-spammable spells and a painful global ultimate.

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  1. Sơn Tùng Nguyễn says:


  2. Мобайл Акс says:

    Aa noob. Mob is target for spells? Like 3k mmr. Cs on 15 min, 2500mmr. Fider is mider. Dislike!

  3. Nevermore - says:

    carried by void

  4. Art Amri says:

    AA: Huskar mid? Slark carry?

    Me: Nah they're supports.
    (Bet aa didnt say anything..)

  5. Faudzee Mokhtar says:

    noob aa didnt use ulti when enemy got cogged

  6. Guts Glory says:

    Lmao with that AA thumbnail, he looks buff as enigma.

  7. Angelo Arce Yauri says:


  8. Reymond Ayon says:


  9. shinnai - says:


  10. MillerKz :v says:


  11. Sinestro Young says:


  12. James Morales says:

    Nice AA support

  13. Nico Nato says:

    Tf appa

  14. Arven Jacob Salera says:

    Eyyyy I've been trying this kind of play for AA for awhile now 😀

  15. Kyo Jins says:


  16. Alexander Simakov says:


  17. bartek Tomczak says:

    That arcana doe

  18. Ralf Vincent Lepon says:

    well played void

  19. jesus iquiapaza says:

    Aea huascar mid

  20. Reihan Purnama says:


  21. Peenoise says:

    When the support want to carry and the carry become a support is gg haha

  22. Mat Khetevic says:

    Aa mid =0

  23. Ar Ar says:

    Its not about hero , its all about your skills.. take note all hero can be Carry !!! All I wanna say is….. this is dota!!! Anything can happen

  24. XFenhexX says:

    Good video

  25. Bryce Nagotal says:

    Damn that whole team wipeout

  26. andrea karina rodriguez says:

    Que excelente manera para contrarrestar el huskar

  27. Anigma Sinahon says:

    Dream of every fcking suport, to get beyond godlike with just support items…

  28. bishal sai says:


  29. muhammad priyanto says:

    Aa good cz that combo..

  30. defenders 50 says:


  31. Leandro Villanueva says:

    It's Nice yo Frozen the HP reg.. pro

  32. Bolina insider says:

    who know how will be the new heroes incoming? I'm curious. 2001 it's my number, but,whoever, someday I'll win this shit 😀

  33. KymG says:


  34. 13reasons why says:

    my new mid hero!!❤🥰

  35. Vikrant Bhagat says:

    love this char to death!

  36. Karlo po says:

    Woaw.. True pro moves

  37. David Angelo Barchi Rodríguez says:

    Legión Arcana giveaway

  38. Renegie Cristian Calixterio says:

    AA is a potential mid hero since dota1 days

  39. Dominik Svoboda says:

    Luv <3

  40. mijael anthony barreto tolentino says:

    Jajajaja pobre sapo

  41. mijael anthony barreto tolentino says:

    Que extraño acient

  42. mijael anthony barreto tolentino says:

    Arcane Legion plis

  43. mijael anthony barreto tolentino says:

    Wow increible

  44. Iury Alcântara says:

    As partidas casuais n serão mais as mesmas depois desse AA core.

  45. Elaine Serrano says:

    ggwp! smooth.. 😘

  46. J Brando Ho says:


  47. unknown 143 says:

    Counterpicked HAHAHA

  48. Kier Fajardo says:

    AA really gets annoying with aghs.

  49. McCoy Gellor says:

    highest damage to heroes 😲

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