New Robot Can Now Fight Back! (Corridor Digital)

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The new robots at Boston Dynamics keep getting more and more sophisticated…
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DISCLAIMER ► This video is a comedic parody and is not in anyway associated with the actual Boston Dynamics Robotics Company.


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  1. The Phenomenon Seekers says:

    That thing kicked him so hard in the balls

  2. X GAMER says:

    video games be like 1:40

  3. AlexBigodeh Lindão says:

    Fake news

  4. Simon Ewing says:


  5. Amar Kumar says:

    1:56 LOL, cant stop laughing

  6. The 3rd Power III says:

    No more casualties?

  7. Trevor Hill-dicked says:

    1:34 best part

  8. laurafatima muzaffar says:

    Не знаю но мне очень жалко робота он хоть и робот но по чему то я знаю что он чувствует только обьяснить не может .

  9. Bjarnhard W says:

    That bipping sound mate lol

  10. Loud Átila says:

    Era pra bate no robo

  11. Jeff Matthews says:

    Why do all you irish make everyone over here question whether your cloning too.?lol. Great work!Can it break dance or cha cha?can it drive drunk and not repeat shit over and over on whiskey? If its gonna replace me at work shouldnt you be training it to eat shit and take it up the arse?

  12. Roselyn Jubac says:

    Uhh are ther bulliying a robot or testing it if thats testing thats ok

  13. Meme of Legend says:

    :((( sad for the robot

  14. Roj22 fetals says:

    Robot: God I hate my job
    Human: this is for punishment

  15. Chunky Butter96 says:

    1:41 why doesn’t it look right

  16. Clifton Woolfrey says:

    That is mean to do to the robot

  17. Abdulla Al Romaithi says:

    Even though it is a robot, it pissed me off watching them beat him like that 😕

  18. SCP 420-J says:

    So no-one gonna talk about how it grabbed a hockey stick with no hands?

  19. omer the king says:

    Why are you doing a fake robots??

  20. TheNormal Youtube Channel says:

    robot abuse

  21. Ramzan Seifaei says:

    چقدر ترسناک هستش

  22. Sat Timanfaya says:

    Hola! Me parece un logro asombroso, el robot tienes unas abilidades asombrosas, una gran condonación, una gran precisión y coordinación muy rubusto y resistente, su sentido de la orientación apesar de intentos de desorientación han sido muy aceptables; el programas de intimidatorio en el transportes de trenes es muy bueno.

    Creo que ha empezado una nueva era y creo que será una realidad la película de I Robot de Will Smith.

    Espero que lo hagáis con cabeza, sin avaricia y por favor nunca olvidéis que el dinero no es lo más importante sino la vida.

  23. lorenzo whitfield jr says:

    In 2019 we beat robot
    In 2395 robot beat you

  24. Lego Gamer 2109 says:


  25. nk100857 says:

    Poor slavebot

  26. Joren the Swede says:

    To those who didn't read the entire description: Look at the bottom disclaimer.

  27. Skeleton Slasher Fan AKA Deltarune/Undertale Master says:


  28. The_WhiteTomato says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the crew is being a dick to the robot? (Yes I know it’s not a real robot.)

  29. Leonidas says:

    Everybody gansta till the robot starts beating the crap out of them.

  30. Anthony Toronov says:

    this is frightening!

  31. AA Andi says:

    1:13 bobby roodes attack from behind with a steel chair

  32. alfonso gazzotti says:

    No al maltrato de robots

  33. James Shook says:


  34. Carlos Carlis says:


  35. Michel Gonzalez says:

    Good fake…

  36. SaajaN gaming says:

    Thts not rorbot it is ur own frend bro

  37. gerry morgan says:

    More American consumerism all the way to hell. Bla bla bla!

  38. Rebecca Abbott says:

    The part where the robot stands on the wooden boxes is green-screened, i.e. done with computer-generated effects. Watch the feet carefully as they "make contact" with the boxes. Why do this, Boston Dynamics?

  39. Dreamer Sudderth says:

    How fake

  40. DIMAS PRO TV says:

    Мне его жалко

  41. DIMAS PRO TV says:

    Зачем с ним так жестоко

  42. Amr Mahmoud says:

    I felt so bad for this poor robot even though it was fake

  43. Nuno Silva says:

    Well I know how to destroy them so.
    Old school brother.

  44. deehubb2332 says:

    This is better the wwe

  45. Darth Red says:

    At 0:38 that’s a clipping issue

  46. B T says:

    Lol the suspension of disbelief is pretty good

  47. LoomingDeath says:

    at 1:46 you cant see one part of the spray

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