New Easy Side Load Method On Nvidia Shield 🔥

This is the easiest way to side load on NVIDIA shield, with a little patience and setup. You can now install a working version of puffin browser, and side load any app on your Nvidia Shield TV, this will then allow you to setup your nvidia shield for your favorite apps such as file linked and more!
✅Upload this version of Puffin To Your Google drive:
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  1. ReviewDork says:

    Link to puffin in description guys

  2. KOP END says:

    Dude app won't install,just says app not installer

  3. Rspene smit says:

    Great video, I did this sideload method along with adding a USB drive, but I tried Puffin and I'm sorry but I just hate it, give BRAVE Browser a try, it's safer, more secure and easier to use, any apk or file you want click it it asks if you want it downloaded, say yes, then it pops up again without disappearing as some browsers do and then say open then install it, Puffin never tells you the file is down and you have to go to the download area for each file, Brave is too simple. otherwise great video.

  4. Kenji says:

    I download my APK's to my Google drive then I use X-Plore file manager to install my APK's.

  5. crplayer32 says:

    I’m just here to let ever one know not to use ology tv I have been having issues with the service for 2 months now and going back an forth with the service department and they provide me with no answers just send me from link to link so after the 7th time trying I told them that if this doesn’t get fixed I would use another service and they just canceled me 30mins later and sent me messages using ! To show they where yelling saying that I was not there problem anymore and to go find anther service. So they won’t help you fix your service they will just cancel you.

  6. 고문병 says:

    Why not just to get a smart tv APK downloader.. still able to download apk and install them from internet or usb.

  7. J Galgs says:

    Gabe, great video. Great to see you upload this. But as I have had mine for 2 weeks. Best buy screw up. Lol. I just saved all the apps to my drive and did it that way. Just don't have to mess with puffin. I did filelinked, downloader. And was a breeze after that.

  8. Pepe aka Gamer 3670 says:

    I see you are still getting it in, I miss you brother hope all is well God bless you

  9. Tony Toca says:

    Why wouldn't you just use the X-plore app? It's the same process as ES File Explorer and works great and wont have to disable auto update

  10. Streaming Junkie says:

    Wow, I thought you dropped off from the edge of the earth. Glad you are still making videos Gabe. ✌🏻

  11. Impact 145 says:

    Havent seen a video from you in months

  12. blkbird022 says:

    Hello Gabe nice to hear from you hope all is well.🦋🦋🦋

  13. Colussus Build says:

    I use Wifi File Sender add the app to my Mibox & phone… for me is easier, check it out

  14. John Speropoulos says:

    Hey Gabe just curious I did the update and my downloader is still there and working fine ??

  15. The Skulls Playlist says:

    miss the videos bud

  16. Shrinking Sharon says:

    Thankyou for information great video

  17. jerold north says:

    Was just wondering the other day where you went. Thanks mister. Still holding you to that meal in the future. Take care RD

  18. james wilson says:

    Great advice 👍👍. This does save a lot of time downloading directly onto box . But is still use es file explorer and its updated aswell. Is we file explorer going to disappear for us ??

  19. Derrick Stewart says:

    I used Downloader recently to sideload on Nvidia.

  20. Diego Roman says:

    Coño mi pana glad to know you ok thanks for the vid bro wb.

  21. Grezzy66 says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for anyone that don’t have puffin stored on they drive🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. U could at least said where to find the OLD PUFFIN 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. CDidIt2U says:

    Yoooooooo! What up Bro! Always coming through for us. Great video as always. Keep them coming.

  23. touchtone says:

    We on track again brother. Keep coming hard!

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