NEW Dell G3 15″ (3590) Gaming Laptop Review! 2019 Refresh

A Review of the NEW Dell G3 15! Link to the G3 15 (3590) Below:
New Dell G3 15 w/ GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q:

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  1. devam shah says:

    Does i5 version have IPS 60Hz panel ?

  2. Kryo Stazis says:

    ssd small

  3. Veiled says:

    I need help please. When you said the high performance button you said something about alienware but when I pressed it, its shows I need a fx device for the fx experience which i dont know what that is.

  4. TheHongoneitor says:

    Just bought mine. White pearl

  5. Dan Odden says:

    Uh dude the mobile 1660 ti is slower than a desktop 1060, so I can assure you it's nowhere near a 1070.

  6. irvin espejo says:

    why my graphics go down when my computer is not plugged in.

  7. Aidan Smith says:

    I have this laptop and it is great but the games have fps issues like stuttering

  8. Darshana Hashendra says:

    I bought this from dell Malaysia. Pretty satisfied. Before I purchased one guy said this is not a good laptop. But I already paid when I heard that. I was so frustrated.
    But I have it with me now so far okay.
    In terms of fan sound it is quite loud. i do not like that. In terms of heat . Keys getting a bit of a heat.
    Pretty much noticeable, but is not a big deal.

    Battery life is incredibly low . i have to admit that. I m not a gamer . I m a software developer I use some IDEs and battery is not as expected. Always need charger with me.

    Over-roll display colors are good. Performance I found no issue so far. No lagging . I have core i7 9th den . 16 Gb ( 2 DIM) 256 SSD 1TB Sata model.
    Ram upgrade is an issue. because it utilize two slots.I hate that. But nothing to do. i m not doing it recently, no money. 16 Gb is enough.
    Hard disk upgrade also quite expensive.

    If you guys need any more real like thoughts just contact me.

  9. justinholman123 says:

    Video editors out there… this a good machine for video editing?

  10. FaruK says:

    I wanna ask about the vents and their sound is it too loud?

  11. Eric L. says:

    Do you think this is better than 2018 dell g7 i7-8750h with 256gb ssd, 32 gb ram, gtx 1060 max q, and 2tb sshd

  12. The Savior 2.0 says:

    So good that I got it

  13. Mike Griff says:

    This is a rare thing on YouTube technology reviews a fair and honest review…..nice job.

  14. titiman 23 says:

    It works if I use it for architecture? Like sketch up, AutoCAD etc etc

  15. TiLT_Lucifer says:

    I bought this laptop and fortnite only runs on low settings

  16. KingZD1 says:

    So should I get this for like 750 new or 1000 the predator 300 with i7 and non max q 1660ti. I’m prob gonna get the g3 tho cuz it’s cheaper and I just need it for when I’m traveling to play games

  17. manman8438 norman says:

    Is this man dead

  18. Nithin Karunakaran says:

    I'm planning to buy a gaming laptop.. These are the specifications I am looking for… Which one would be the best one without heating issues? 

     I7 9750H, 

    16gb dual channel  ram (8+8), 

    1TB HDD and 256gb ssd, 

    GTX 1660 Ti  OR RTX 2060 

    15 inch display with a minimum of 120 hz refresh rate

  19. Lbj 23 says:

    Screen flicker, pwm?No thanks

  20. RedTards 04 says:

    How do you turn on backlight

  21. Anthony Gonzalez Lopez says:

    Is it a better choice than the Lenovo L340 ?

  22. America Is the best says:

    you are better than all thre reveiwers that use 30 fps video

  23. Michell Santana Fotografia says:

    what's the srgb color accuracy on the screen?

  24. R.J. ADHARSH says:

    Dell always hikes up the price of their laptops by 150-200$. i5 + 1050 for 800$ lol this config should be 600-650$ max. I've seen laptops with a i5 and a 1060 3g for around 700$ and lol dell's G5 2018 with a 1060 6g is 799$ on amazon.

  25. Emma Peterson says:

    Hi, I send you mail. Could you help us do a video?

  26. alan celestin says:

    why are you playing battlefield 1 lmao battlefield 5 is out ya know

  27. Saad Mahmood says:

    if you could, make a review for the 2019 G5 maxxed out specs, because like you said G3 has a plastic build so i would prefer the G5. Nice review overall. (y)

  28. Andres Valdevit says:

    Finally someone covers this laptop. Could you update your buying link though, it's broken. I'm curious to see this config because on the Dell US site there are only 2 with IPS screens: one for 999$ US$ but with a GTX 1650 and the top one for 1349 US$ with IPS and 144 Hz screen with a 1660ti MaxQ. Can't find your's, seems like the perfect sweet spot.

  29. afiq saat says:

    Does this model comes with thunderbolt 3 ports ?

  30. DePistolero says:

    how about Acer Helios 700?

  31. Bogdan Antone says:

    So much missleading stuff from DELL. I ALMOST bought one without knowing the 1660 TI is MaxQ.
    You barely can find now that thing specified on their website. Wasn't the case 2 weeks ago.
    Also the gpu in this laptop TDP is 60W, it underperforms a ton. As pointed in other reviews. And even with such low TDP it gets hot.

    The 9750H sounds fancy, but in a gaming laptop it only helps throttling and fucks with the thermals.
    Can be fixed with undervolting and such .. but we;re talking about stock experience.

    Also the price .. I still have no clue what's the actual price of the high tier version. On their website is 1350$ .. an amazon, is not for sale or (out of stock w/o price).
    Now you say It's $1200.

    OVERALL: I was hyped about this one, but now I'm afraid of stuff that might come out in the long run.
    Don't get me wrong.. price, even at 1350$ IS BONKERS for the offer.
    But I want something with near 1070 Mobile performance, and this laptop almost fucked my purchase plans.

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