NEW Brent Rivera TikTok Funny Video Compilation 2019 – Vines Stars

Enjoy New Video NEW Brent Rivera TikTok Funny Video Compilation 2019 – Vines Stars
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  1. Jake Gomez says:

    Gravity by John Mayer

  2. Wiff the Waff says:

    DO not get the app countdown I got and it went to 90 years to 2 hours the swiched and scary do NOT get it.

  3. Cloak says:

    4:42 how to get away with stealing ( Brent stole the donut)

  4. Texting story dude says:

    Look at 4:02 it’s correct.. why do you think he is sad?

  5. Leonore Tillaert says:

    ik ben nl

  6. Jigna Somaiya says:

    At 7.44 see Ben's socks

  7. Alexis Vazquez says:

    I think

  8. Alexis Vazquez says:

    Ben is cheating on lexie on a girl in ticyok

  9. Uboichris Kilian says:

    Thanks for the tip Brent 0:27🏃🏻‍♂️😂

  10. Lilian Dubon says:

    3:52 I heard oh s***

  11. Kymaraina Trammell says:

    Lol and wow

  12. BryantBelGaming says:

    lexi was so so good

  13. april hernandez says:

    I Love you

  14. Dylan Nikolaisen says:

    7 : 53 what are the suits called

  15. sam Pifani says:

    At 7:00 min and on I can relate I always catch feelings

  16. Rylee M says:

    I can do the splits

  17. Gabriela Cohut says:

    Lexi is soooo talented. No offense brent

  18. Ella Bean says:


  19. Ella Bean says:

    The Martha the drumtrack in the flesh thing is so funny!!!!!!!!😊😁😂😀☺😅😄😆😹

  20. Jacqueline Bergin says:

    I saw caught her in the act a lot

  21. unicorn slime says:

    Ava has a acrush on Brent

  22. Marieke Hielema says:

    What is the sonv called on 1:20 please somone tell me😢

  23. parasurk says:


    ctycfcjftycyfjcgfjcgfjcgfcgfj gfcfgjcfgjccfycffcgcjcftjcctjccyfccfycjctfccjcjfcfjctjfctfcugcycytfyjtfygkguykgygjyjgcyjvygjvyigcfyjfcgjfcyjtfyfyktcfyk&q12
    Fcstufturdtuffftfiy+ gfyjtfitrdgjfdgfj$fhxuytftyidryudiycuftcyfftfcgcfyjcyjfcyticgfjcgfjcyfcgjffyjcyfjcccff

  24. Joe skillzz says:

    Who else loves Brent?gifting my next 10 subs

  25. Ryan Doherty says:

    1:37 plz tell me song name

  26. Trupti Patel says:

    What are you doing in your YouTube video

  27. Jassan Dullet says:

    Alex has a crush on Lexi

  28. Lotte maas says:

    Brent you got so much girlfriends 😱🤯

  29. nela crna pantara grgic says:


  30. Ma. Angela says:

    Best Viners so far😅

  31. Peter Parlow says:

    Wow I love their videos

  32. Tr Tr says:

    لا ىتناتنناابفعفغنلل

  33. Fluffy Alromaithi says:


  34. Lena O says:

    I see his videos but I don't know his name

  35. Gacha Cokies says:

    brent found her in the act at 6:41 and the title is the same at 🖕 to 8:06

  36. Oanh Luu says:


  37. sillyblairbear 13 says:

    Qx. +.

  38. sillyblairbear 13 says:


  39. sillyblairbear 13 says:

    Cx. X.

  40. sillyblairbear 13 says:

    XX c. – C + cc. X. C.

  41. Jo Anne Poli says:

    Ont that 347×0is 0

  42. Melissa Chavez says:

    You are so funny Brent

  43. Mypal6 Plays says:


  44. ninja ninja says:

    cut lexs

  45. ninja ninja says:

    lexe so cur

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