Naruto Shippuden – Kakashi's face REVEALED!


  1. Veronica Aponte says:


  2. Kilo 271 says:

    I think I might be a homosexual now

  3. ryan lopes says:

    1:04 pensei que ele ia arrancar o próprio olho

  4. Yrrah AnSen says:

    Kakashi is so hot!…i want to marry him myself. I want to file a complain to the writer. Of all the male characters in naruto why is kakashi and gaara are still unmarried? They both deserve to have a family on their own. I'd love to see them happily married with kids even if it will break my heart as well 😊😁🤣🤣 Merry Christmas 🎅

  5. Joshua Duran says:

    cant forget the scene where he drink alcohol with his mask on his face in boruto hahahahahhaa.

  6. Enzo Rodrigues says:

    Which Episode?

  7. mydoggolikes Sausage says:

    This dude is hot as fuck, holy shit

  8. Sadori kun says:


  9. ミントアイス says:

    Какой секси( Какаши ты что крейзи?

  10. noot noot says:


  11. 張靖培 says:


  12. Brianna Hammonds says:

    He’s sooo hot omg I can’t take it! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. everyone says:

    aww spoiler >:( but he's handsome

  14. Victoria Fleuriot says:

    He thick

  15. Lena s says:

    I'd appreciate it if he revealed his other parts too… I love him lmao sorry

  16. Outlaw D'rosinante says:

    How about the sharingan?.. Is he manage to deactivate it or,, he put a contact lens on it?

  17. BergerMan Gaming says:

    Dude, Obito had no chance if Rin saw Kakashi's full face..

  18. βocah Gaming says:


  19. Apaar Kapoor says:

    Growing up from childhood to adulthood, now I can die peacefully ☺️

  20. Tsubaki 06 says:

    HOTake Kakashi 🖤🔥🔥

  21. MikMik Umlas says:

    Ofcourse I expected a mouth under his Mask.

  22. Brad Maskimof says:

    I'm Gay now

  23. elsamalandrano jiropolo says:

    Es un papucho

  24. Sonic BOOM Srbija says:

    Behinde this mask is…other mask

  25. Brandon Mhdi says:

    What's the name song,i want to hear with offline

  26. Riezara Dziqri says:

    Now i can sleep peacefuly tonight.

  27. FGGamer maroc says:


  28. D J. says:

    forget the mask tell us about his makeup removal wipe

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