Ironic that the one thing YouTube slapped around for so long may be the thing that saves them in the end.

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24 thoughts on “My channel may be DELETED FOR A THIRD TIME… but I’m what YouTube NEEDS

  1. So now that they are supposingly no “Children” on this platform, does that mean that Youtube can monetise “Non-Child friendly content”?

    Because if they still demonetise “Non-Children friendly content”, doesn’t that just mean that the FTC’s first sue was meaningless and they would sue YT once again?

  2. hey youtube maybe a confusing unbaleced platforme but its are confusing unbalened plat form and we need to save it to make it what it once was

  3. So while Google are as greedy and inept as ever, the FTC isn't even going with pretences and just being outright greedy cunts now? C'mon, we all know it's not about the child protection. If you cared about that, there'd be clear guidlines in place. By having such vague guidlines and admitting you're going after individual content creators, your blatantly exposing your true intentions. Silence anyone you want, whenever you want and issuing obscene fines unjustly.

  4. This whole situation is so wired and unfair. I am a really smale YouTuber and i am fare away from monitasation. I just want some feedback about the thinks i do. But now i don't get it, because the block the koments. All because i draw and this apiles to children.

  5. Waiting for you to react to this thing…. I guess this is what happens when you build your career on a leaking ship…
    Tough now I wonder, are they aiming their bots at spider man and elza videos

  6. RIP thanks God I'm not making money on YouTube 🤣🤣😃😃🙂🙂😐😐😑😑😓😓😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. As long as you put in your titles not for children under 12 in every title they can't get ye with anything.

    You explicitly state in ever single video from now on that No these videos are not for children they can't do shit about it.

  8. tfc is for america only?

    relocating YouTube to an other country

    also it isnt youtubes fault

    its the stupid ass parents who dont pay attention to their kids

  9. Lets ALL be honest….

    Alot of us where using YouTube from YEARS ago right.

    The GOLDEN days of YouTube was when you could basically search up p*rn in this b*tch.

  10. For what I understood of it Coppa, way more vague then even that for and doesn't take context in consideration, which only makes it worse, as I think I read somewhere that even videos, with lots of fast cuts are deemed as kid content, which is just bonkers.

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