Welcome to the most “unpopular” Unpopular Opinions video in K-Pop history! 🏆

Here for the Tea? Well my tea is cold, and strictly K-Pop related!

These are some of my unpopular opinions, I made a LONG list but just a few of them are in this video.

Some are offensive and I left them out, others are offensive and I kept them in. ☕🐸

I’m also sarcastic AF so some things are said tongue-in-cheek, or said for comedic effect i.e. Somi’s braids etc.

Why? Because that my shady sense of humour!

My opinions are my own and my opinions are NOT facts.

You may disagree but I personally don’t see my opinions as “bashing”. I think bashing is abuse and defamatory. Legally ,I don’t think opinions/beliefs can be defamatory. Only statements of fact.

Any opinions on individual idols are merely comments of my impression of their PUBLIC face, NOT of them as human beings – there’s a BIG difference. The critiques focus upon stereotypes that are personal red flags to me, and stereotypes that I find can be slightly damaging to MY community, which is my personal political view…

If some of the opinions offend you, my intention is only to share my genuine thoughts and feelings, however unpopular they may be. Having said that, you did choose to click on a video that was crafted under the “my actually offensive unpopular opinions” tag…nobody forced you.

True, but they’re adults. And I think K-netz are way worse than anything I could ever say…all celebrities know its impossible to be liked by 100% of people 100% of the time, and there are plenty of things I like about them too, they just aren’t in the video because its ‘offensive unpopular opinions’ trend video…

No. Your public face, isnt who you are, your true self is the person when cameras are off, which I have no right to comment about unless I know the individual personally. Their public persona however, is fair game for critique like every other celebrity, politician or public figure in the world, THAT’S LIFE!

Private personality is off limits and i didn’t comment on anybody’s private personality. Both selections of Onces and Armys have come forward telling me how Nayeon and Yoongi/Namjoon have said T&JH are completely different off-camera, proving my points correct, that this is a difference between public face and private personality. I as an outsider, can only comment on on-camera personas, not individuals personality’s. Which like I said, is fair game and anyone who disagrees is anti freedom of speech.

——————–Fan Forums debating if J-Hope cheerfulness is a facade——————–

Believe it or not, I believe these videos actually provide a safe space where people can have a discussion and share opinions that they are usually scared to mention. So in a strange way I actually think these unpopular opinion videos are good for the K-Pop community.

But hey, that’s just. My. Opinion. 🍵

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49 thoughts on “my ACTUAL spicy kpop unpopular opinions that may cause offense | Ep. 1| *CONTROVERSIAL* 🍵🐸

  1. You know what I hate about this video ? The way I'm actually agree with almost all of your opinion

    The tea was great! Thanks anyway 💗

  2. okay story time:

    i said to my very let’s say critical friend today, ‘what do you think is the 3rd most popular group?’ and she said ‘probably txt’ and i was like ‘they’re rookies, they don’t really deserve that title’ and she told all of my friends and now they think i’m an anti.

  3. Why u don't care about tzuyu lol? I think u dont know about the flag incident. Iam not triggered, but she is slowly improving her skills singing and dancing. But its your opinion and i dont want to judge it.

  4. can't you guys just chill? the intro said if you're easily triggered, don't click on this video like…tf…u all r just bashing this comment section

  5. You don’t know anything about tzuyu. So let me elaborate some important information about her. First of all, she is a introvert and quiet girl in real life. She came to Korea when she was 13. At that time, she not only couldn’t know a word, but also was ALONE. Can you imagine that you don’t talk for 2 straight years? Naturally, you can’t express your feeling well since you are not familiar with the language and seldom talk to other people. She probably couldn’t even express her feeling in Chinese. And you expect her to be energetic and cheerful? It is miracle that she hasn’t suffered a breakdown.
    Second, she caused a controversial issues when Twice just debuted. (That issue was literally not her fault. It was a stupid political thing triggered by a damn flag. She apologized to the world because she took a Taiwanese flag which was provided by a TV show) This issue was sensational you should look up on internet. Any away, she probably thought that she should be low key in Tv shows in order to avoid controversy.
    She is quiet and reserved on TV show because of the combination of her personality and the trauma.
    Besides, you should be awarded of the fact that she does a lot of charity and good thing in REAL LIFE. Also, she does smile a lot in front of her fans and is willing to take pictures and sign while she is on vacation. Don’t judge her through some edited videos. She is good and soft person in reality.

  6. Tzuyu loss her confidence because of the flag incident. But before that incident she's bubbly and cheerful but now she's afraid to show her ownself coz of the antis😭

  7. This is the 3rd video of yours that i watched and I subscribed dont mind the harsh comments just keep up the good work i really like ur honest opinions

  8. Even though I don't agree with some of your opinions, I respect them. But after a glance at everyone else's comments, I have just one little thing to say.

    From the beginning of BTS JHope has always been more "crazy and over the top" I fully believe that it became more over the top during some of the "dark years" when he was doing it to cheer the other members up, and it sort of just stuck. I do agree with you, sometimes it's a little cringe, but you are entitled to your own opinion and as I said above, i respect it.

  9. some comments are a perfect example of why i dont wanna call myself a kpop fan, y’all are embarrassing. defending an idol like your life depends on it, when that idol doesn’t even know about the existence of this video😭 for real why yall put so much energy, are you their bodyguard or sumn, maybe if you put the same amount of energy in yourselves- but that is just a thought

  10. J-hope just has a energetic/ positive personality , I think it’s a amazing thing that he has that type of energy/ personality. It’s a awesome thing to have a positive attitude, it probably cheers up the members and the fan base when there having a bad day. He’s not cringy at all.

    Tzuyu is a extremely talented idol and the member in twice that has had the most development in twice in my eyes , she’s improved so much sense debut. And remember that tzuyu is still young and insecure, it seems that she’s just a quiet person. So I don’t see how a person who usually keeps to themselves has “no emotion” did you see when she cried because of how much she missed her mother? That doesn’t seem like no emotion to me.

  11. I just hate when people on youtube just upload an unpopular kpop opinions just as an excuse to barsh kpop idols. Jhope isn't cringy its his personality and if you have a problem keep it to yourself he has a bright and energetic heart and it's his life. Twice was just in their debut year Tzuyu barely knew them now she changed and adores her members
    Please stop using kpop uNpOpUlaR oPinIos as an excuse to hate on idols.
    Peace and love 💟

  12. I really tried to get into BTS. At first I thought "alright, they sound good. This song sounds catchy" but then they just started to sound the same, falling into the typical mainstream formulaic nature, and the final nail in the coffin was the extreme ARMYs. I understand that each fandom has their toxic side, but it got so bad that it killed everything for me. I tried to explain about the dark sides of kpop, how groups fall into the typical formula, etc. to a couple of acquaintances who were also ARMYs. But they refused to listen to me and think they know everything about the idol and kpop. (I've been listening to kpop since DBSK was once a 5 member group, I've seen quite a bit and been the brunt of racist shit for trying to talk about kpop. Seeing the same people who shit talked kpop and called them quite a bit of names but then jump onto BTS) Sorry that was long, but it's refreshing to hear a channel talk about their "unpopular opinion."

  13. Dont be so harsh on the comments you fucking bitches stop🙄 and you fucking kermey or i dont know if you dont want to be bash fucking stop on your harsh opinion i know its your opinion but you say too much and the fans of the person you bash…your hurting their feelings because its their idol respect their feelings 🙄🙄

  14. Haven't you heard of Tzuyu's flag incident? She most likely lost her confidence because of that. She's afraid and is more cautious of her actions, that's why she's so quiet, especially in shows. I get this is your opinion, and I respect it, but you shouldn't just hate someone, you don't know what they've gone through and what happens behind the screen.


  16. agreed with everything except that one small comment about irene. i think in certain settings shes really not personable, but in her lives with the members shes so crazy and funny. i think shes genuinely just shy tbh.

  17. Y’all there is no time to waste ur time on hating on her, if she has her opinion it’s her opinion don’t go hating on her, atleast she is even posting about this and sharing the way she feels, just let her be don’t go bashing her or don’t go bashing eachother.

  18. I feel like people should stop saying aegyo is cringey because it's part of their culture and if you dont like it then you should probs just go and like normal pop artists

  19. Honestly, the amount of hate that I’m seeing in this comment section and in this video just baffles me. Offensive unpopular opinion videos need to stop, and stop now. I’m tired of blatant hate being covered up as an”opinion” the person who made this did this for clicks, and to have an excuse to be an asshole. This trend needs to die, and die fast.

  20. Except for jhope and blackpink thing, I agree to all other opinions you have mentioned. Especially for tzuyu, to me, she is kinda overrated. Well, now all tzuyu stans gonna come and bash my opinion but that's what I think about her. Also some tzuyu stans are really mean and think that she is the only beautiful woman alive in the world whereas don't give any importance to other twice members, its really insane to see bad stuff like that, and I also don't find anything in facial expression she is always like a sad statue 😂😂

  21. hi sorry this is a really offensive opinion so sorry if you get offended 😔😔

    How about we care about our dying planet instead? Like I know y’all gonna hate but idc, and I’m not scared to say stfu to y’all.

  22. 1. I feel like she’s got it. Outta My Head was it. But I kinda agree, but I don’t think she had cornrows?
    2. They really don’t… like what happened to Pristin after I.O.I is depressing.
    3. I’m sorry he’s not your cup of tea, but he’s gone through so much. Period. It’s kinda understandable how extra he is. That IS the real him, pretty much. That we see at least. I know it sounds like it’s contradicting.
    4. Everyone really hates it but like it’s so catchy. I never understood the hate 😂
    5. People who don’t know where a cover come from and don’t ever give it credit annoy me. I do sometimes think a cover is better than the original but imma put respect on their name regardless.
    6. Yeah…
    7. You have to remember that your definition of visual ISN’T THE SAME as the Korean label. yes, you may think there’s a better visual in your eyes, but to be a visual, they have to look like the perfect dream features that are popularly seen by the Korean public. Any idol labeled as a visual is held to what the industry sees as perfect. It’s shallow, but it’s how they’re sorted. For example, I think Monsta X are nothing but a group of perfect everythings. But only Minhyuk and Hyungwon are labeled as the visuals. (Last I heard? Maybe Wonho too, but since he’s bulkier, him and Shownu don’t fit into the popular body type) it’s fucked but that’s how it’s done. That’s all I had, I’m not fond of twice at all, really.
    8. Yeah, badicallyx

  23. I don’t know or follow Twice, but I did hear about Tzuyu and the whole flag controversy. A lot of onces have said that she used to be more open before that happened, and if that’s the case then I totally understand why she is the way she is.

  24. Unpopular opinion
    Chaeyoung and jeongyeon in twice deserve to be noticed for there talented but sadly they are the most underrated members from twice.
    2 .tzuyu from twice is overrated they are one of my favourite girls group I love all of them I don't hate her she is hardworking talented and good dancer but she doesn't have face expressions while she is dancing but every time I see someone reacting to twice they only mention to her i can't reading any comment from twice video because all of comment about tzuyu for example omg why she is so pretty wow visual gods it's just hurt me please noticed other member they deserve to be noticed too .
    3 . Tzuyu stan one of the most toxic fans ever I know every groups have toxic fans in the past when I was not twice fans I just watched momo dance cover by taemin move I just said momo really has a good visual and she so amazing dancers but some of the tzuyu stan attacked me saying no she is not a visual she is not that pretty tzuyu is best visual in twice that time I didn't know idea who is tzuyu hate me if you want but that a fact .

    Sorry for my English

  25. I used to feel the same way about Jhope but after watching for a while I got used to it and I ended up finding it endearing. I think he has extreme social anxiety and that's the way he copes with it by being extra and over the top. People with extreme social anxiety are either extremely quiet or extremely loud they swing the pendulum from what is normal to either extreme. So when I see him act like that I think poor baby is nervous lol.

  26. The maknae of Twice looks like she has no soul tbh..like, her voice is nice and shes ok in general and all, but- she be lookin dead inside

  27. I agree. Especially with TXT.
    Their music is subpar, they need a better team of writers and producers.
    And why is Kai called the diamond maknae? He's nothing special and why is he the visual? He's the least attractive boy in the group…Is it because he's half white? I just don't get it.

  28. Bts will grow and will keep growing both as artists and human beings..And of course they will maintain that "BTS SOUND"…If ya know what I mean;)..

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