MvM Live Plays Cthulhu Death May Die (CMON)


  1. Michael Vannoy says:

    There was a thread on bgg that said in the rulebook it says to grab all the monsters and minions out of the box for that specific scenario. I haven't checked to see if there is an FAQ yet but I was wondering what designer said they are limited? I played and won that way and have not when it is all from the box. Thank you gentlemen and lady

  2. radelc says:

    All this game needs is flavor text for a win in each scenario. We have a tradition of making up our own epilogue for each character upon a win. If a character dies or we lose the scenario, we house rule that they permanently died and we have to choose new heroes for next scenario.

  3. Brent Preston says:

    Do bonus die from sanity track apply to monster rolls and fire rolls? The rule book says all rolls?

  4. Blake Curry says:

    Congrats to the winners of the giveaway, btw!

  5. Blake Curry says:

    I appreciate the playthrough but dude if you have a cough you gotta bring some cough drops or something those are huge audio spikes in the ear that are very jarring

  6. s Peters says:

    Been wanting to see a play through of this game. Thanks

  7. Thilo Mahnig says:

    Thanks for the video? Are you 100% sure you don’t put more enemies than indicated on the setup card, there is a discussion on bgg about it and the consensus you take all that are in the box of the types that are on the card…

  8. phunkysai says:

    Thanks everyone!

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