Mulan’s Liu Yifei has shown support for the Hong Kong police amid ongoing protests, and now there are those who are calling for a boycott of Disney’s Mulan as a result.

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37 thoughts on “Mulan Actress Liu Yifei Faces Boycott for Hong Kong Protest Comment – IGN News

  1. Ah, so if someone support hk protestors, its freedom of speech. Someone support hk cops…its not freedom of speech.
    Oh well, at least shed earn the movie lots of ticket in mainland china.

  2. It's very easy to be a keyboard warrior when you don't have to worry about your personal safety or the safety of your family. Remember the protesters wear masks for a reason this actress is a very popular and well-known figure especially now that she is about to play a very famous role any statement that she mix against the Chinese government will immediately be recognisable and it'll be easy for her family to be targeted. People are not seeing the whole picture. Do you really believe all of the Hollywood actors and actresses actually have the same opinions on everything. Of course not many of these hypocrites are simply repeating the popular opinion so that they can keep their jobs. So the opinion that moulin expressed may not be popular here in the West but her family is Chinese she has to protect her family

  3. U did not mention how the FBI and CIA using Hongkong gathering intelligence activity(of mainland china) and not being caught because of the independent law of Hongkong (the judge are controlled by UK/US). I don't support violence at all, but imaging if Alaska has been selling intelligence report to mainland china, what would the US do?

  4. I also support HK police and fire departments. I guess some people prefer anarchy and never have to travel to HK airport. I also support peaceful/lawful protests. Of course if that stayed true, there would be no need to see HK riot police in the first place.

  5. Liu Yi Fei sounds close enough to Yue Fei the famous patriotic General, who won many battles against the invading barbarian hordes from the north. His valiance to protect the motherland is unequalled.

  6. Never mind only hong kong, not whole world, but, now the whole world had boycott to go Hong Kong for holiday …. So, it will become zombies land with nothing left…..

  7. It’s a shame what’s gonna happen to Hong Kong once the Chinese Army comes marching in, protestors are singing the American National Anthem because we represent freedom.🖕🏼the Chinese Communist Party.

  8. An actress who has US cityzenship and films in The states, now boycott hong kong people’s democracy. What an anitomy. I guess her father is bureau of china so that makes her boycott. But…. even if so, her boycott still doesn’t make sense. Mulan the movie will be the disney’s deep mistake….

  9. If you are familiar with the box office, HK is totally insignificant. The moment HK wants to boycott this film, the more the Chinese will support it by watching multiple times. In this time and day, it is not USA who is the biggest market. China usually have a few more times box office sales than USA, and HK is just so so insignificant compared to either USA or China.

  10. The fake Mulan who created by Disney is played by a real Mulan

    The true story in history is Mulan replaced his father go to the army and served the motherland because there were enemies in the north that constantly invaded her country.
    The patriotism of the Chinese has never been related to the ruling party since thousand years ago. This has never been understood by Westerners.

    Those who speak of freedom cannot tolerate the collectivist ideas of others.

    The most famous joke in the world now is: Shut up! We are discussing freedom of speech!

  11. Eh…..just being curious. How many of you still believe that people in mainland China are all brainwashed and completely oblivious of what’s happening outside their country?

  12. Supporting Communist China is a clear sign that you hate democracy. Deport this actress to mainland China! What a hypocrite.

  13. Supporting Communist China is a clear sign that you hate democracy. Deport this actress to mainland China! What a hypocrite.

  14. Everybody needs to boycott Disney. Everything Disney. They're taking over & ruining everything. They killed Star Wars & are ruining the MCU. DESTROY DISNEY!

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