MSI have a number of new workstations for the new Nvidia Studio certification, let’s take a look at the latest models from their Prestige and Workstation series.

Thanks to MSI for sponsoring my trip to Computex 2019, without them this content would not have been possible.

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37 thoughts on “MSI’s Nvidia Studio Laptops For Content Creators

  1. Hi, it would be great to see a more in depth review of the new WS65 and WS75. Im wondering how big their screens are and if it worth getting the 17” one for Architecture.

  2. Hey Jarod. Can you please tell me the pros and cons in getting the Msi WS65 with RTX3000. Is it worth the investment ?

  3. when do they actually come out ?? i cannot find half of these on the market even though they claim they were supposed to come out in june

  4. I just have to thank you
    I was going crazy about that
    I recently heard about p65 but there is no info about it anywhere so I came to ask here

  5. Why no love for the MSI P75? Everywhere I look there is no reviews but it looks like a solid spec laptop for creators. Anyone have input on this or MSI quality?

  6. According to Nvidia's website, the WS65 is also available with lesser gpu options. Depending on pricing, the T2000 and RTX 3000 options may be good buys for people who don't need an RTX 5000 in a laptop – the RTX 5000 option will probably be very expensive.

  7. Between these new MSI beauties and the new Aero redesign, I seriously can’t wait until you get these in your hands for a review! Definitely interested in that P75 vs WS75 to see which is a better performer!

  8. Why are these "creator" laptops are always made in white/light colored? I'm a creator but I like a black/gray colored laptop. They should release these in dark chassis too.

  9. This P75 is juste wow ! But still, il searching for a laptop with smooth gsync ! Do you know if the new alienware m17 have gsync ? Same for the new aorus

  10. I had the PS63 Modern for awhile. I couldn't get used to that rectangular trackpad. Way too long… made typing hard due to placement.

  11. Even if the chassis is made of cardboard as the last generation, the logo is decent. I cannot stand that gibberish dragon stuff 🤦

  12. Lovin this year line up 🔥🔥🔥
    1. Gigabyte Aero 15 w/OLED
    2. MSI P65 w/4K
    3. Dell XPS 15 7590 w/OLED
    4. Alienware M15 w/OLED (sadly the memory is soldered on board)

  13. I personally like how they use GTX or RTX graphics cards for studio laptops, it gives gamers a chance to actually play something

  14. Nice workstation laptops that compete with the 800-pound gorillas Dell, HP and Lenovo on that segment. MSI has a great lineup and seeing powerful laptops without their gaming attributes is refreshing

  15. I was wondering if you can review the currently available MSI ps42 idk if in the west they have it but here in SEA we surely have it

  16. 🔥HELP PLEASE🔥 I'm thinking about buying a MSI gaming laptop. GE75 Raider vs GS75 Stealth, with same hardware, which one you recommend and why? Is it worth it the higher price on GS75? Which one has a better cooling system: Cooler Boost 5 vs Cooler Trinity+?? I'm very worried on the heat, so cooling is very important to me as I live in a warm island. Thank youu!!!!

  17. with all these new laptops from all these top brands with similar specs, how do new users come to decide when choosing the perfect laptop for them?

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