MSI GP65 Leopard Gaming Laptop 1st Impressions Review & Unboxing! Worth It For a GTX 1660 ti?

I take a 1st look at the MSI GP65 Leapard gaming laptop with the Nvidia GTX 1660 ti!
My MSI GL63 Gaming Laptop Review Video:
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I take a 1st look at the brand new MSI GP65 Leopard Gaming Laptop! Is this new chassis the holy grail MSI needs?
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  1. Remco Beukhof says:

    Why is the charging port on such a weird spot?
    Also how would you compare this laptop with the HP pavilion with an i7 9th gen and 1660ti?

  2. Rahul says:

    You need to increase the temperature of your AC

  3. colinmakams says:

    Put up a link where I can buy this, haven't found it anywhere

  4. Emon Sikder says:

    When's the full review coming bud

  5. Enzo Pulido says:

    Where's the full review?

  6. Inglourious Basterds (Battlefield 4) says:

    Finally, how is the thermal system?, It's too loud and hot when you're playing?… Im asking you cause' i'm between the Dell G3 (with i5-9300H and 1660Ti max Q) and this laptop. And the Dell's problem is that it gets too hot and it's way too loud

  7. Benjamin Hiley says:

    Where's the full review??!

  8. viktorstorelv says:

    Waiting for the full review!:)

  9. jeremy guiab says:

    Msi gp65 or the helios 300 2019?
    Any suggestions

  10. Nabin Khadka says:

    When can we expect other videos to come ?

  11. JoiWoo says:

    Still waiting for full review…

  12. Brenton Edwards says:

    It would be interesting to see a comparison between the GP65 and the Helios 300

  13. Brenton Edwards says:

    Power plug on right side? Big fail. I almost, I ALMOST ordered one. No thanks.

  14. Emon Sikder says:

    Damn this laptop has EVERYTHING that I'm looking for! Is this a latest model from MSI? I can't seem it find it in my country

  15. Mahmoud mohamed says:

    I can't decide should I get this version or the GE75 raider :/

    Any recommendations on which one is better?

  16. ThisSpace4Rent says:

    neat video

  17. João Silva says:

    When will you make the full review?

  18. S H V says:

    Wich gaming laptop should i buy ? Max price 1500$

  19. seriousnecro says:

    What monitor is that in the background?

  20. ovi lord says:

    Your microphone is bad. Consider changing it #feedback

  21. Verxan Cast says:

    I like the new release format, thermals are probably the most important thing in a gaming laptop.

  22. Saurav Chandan says:

    The number of times he says ooooh is oooooh

  23. Leonardo Dank says:

    the design and the hinges of their new lineups are great, because their old chasis had problems with the hinges, all i see in the msi laptop group are broken hinges like most of the post

  24. science world says:

    Nice laptop

  25. Balkeet007 says:

    Beautiful laptop, bezels like y540, bottom is so nice view of see through hardware n plenty of air intake. Asus Rog can learn from them, choked the bottom cover

  26. Nabin Khadka says:

    The price right now is 1449 dollars. When do you think the price will be down to 1199 dollars .

  27. GiraffeStrafe says:

    I cannot wait for the review, if the battery life is decent, this is a killer deal

  28. Jhon Paul Sibug says:


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