45 thoughts on “MSI GF75 Thin 9SC – i7 9750h / GTX 1650 Max Q Review

  1. Why everyone said this laptop using max q? In the website and laptop retailer they said it using 1650 standart, which one is true?

  2. Nice review, could you please tell a little more about the screen quality, as I got it is IPS with 144mHz, isnt it? would it be good enough for not gaming (I am a not gamer) but for video/photo editing, as well as Dobe Ilustrator / Auto CAD / or similar work? thanks in advance.

  3. What program did you use to undervolt the cpu? I undervolted the laptop of the same model but its not getting the thermal drop that i wanted.

  4. Hi Stephen! Bro i see your values in Throttlestop and i see your values of core and cache. They are diferent! -180.7 Core and -65.4 in Cache. Can you explain me this ?

  5. Thanks for this review! What about GF63 is it the same with 94% sRGB, 65% NTSC, 71% AdobeRGB like this GF75?? Thank for reply.

  6. Thi laptop have the best termal! Undervolt to – 160, turn off cstates in bios (avoid high pitch noises) and run in world of tanks and world of warships ultra settings average 100fps min 86fps. Smooth and cool: 62C to 72 C! With overclock to gtx 1650 160core, 420 mem.

    And silent….. Very silent. Noise gaming: 40db…awesome.

    Keyboard its always cool…even gaming.

    Reccomended for people like me: like low temps and low Noise.

    And the screen its awesome too: bight, sharp, beautiful.

  7. I need your advice! Im between this laptop and helios 300 2018 model.
    Msi gf75/9750h/16Gb/512nvme/60hz/1650 usd1750
    Helios 2018 8750h/8ram/1tb mechanical/1060 6gb/60hz usd 1800

    If I buy the helios I need to buy another 8gb ram and 512gb nvme so helios jumps to usd 1930

    Steve, final diff about 200usd more for the helios….helios worth that diff? Its much better? Sound test and thermals are better?

    I need to buy the laptop this week and bro im full of questions

    You are the only person I trust to take this decisión

  8. Picked it up for Canadian$1500, 2 bills lower than going rate. Nice panel, not crazy about red keyboard, sound is tinny and hollow like you said. The price was good enough, and quality pretty good. There's a stupid factory sticker on the bottom though, and I haven't found out if it's valid in Canada…

  9. Really nice laptop,but still this model with the 9th generation intel isn’t available in my country,only the 8th generation one with only one fan…And the thermals are super cool with the undervolt but i just don’t know how to do that,maybe because I’m scared of losing the warranty…. anyways cool video ! 😀

  10. can u please tell me how much can i undervolt for msi GF 63 8sc i5 8300h model. i am corrently runnung at – 125 mV with no problem.

  11. I'm a student, I want to get into video editing, and photoshop, but I also like to play, mostly rts games or management ones
    Is it portable enough, for me to carry it around?
    Isn't the 17 inches too big?
    Also great work dude, keep it up😁

  12. hi, sorry to bother you, I ordered this laptop on Amazon for $ 669 and the shipping weight is 7.5 pounds, but UPS has 4.10 pounds, why is that?

  13. Hi! Which laptop recommend me? For working with 3Ds Max for rendering around 1000$ need great displey and performance

  14. Hi Stephen, thank you for the review! Do you know what are the differences between a design laptop and a gaming laptop? I am very interested in buying the gf75, it has the spec to compete with majority design laptop nowadays (such as the new xps), plus that screen is actually favoring for us design people, 95% calibration accuracy, right? its a really good package with such a decent price.

  15. Hi Stephen and thanks for review! I very interested to thermals you joined with UV! I just bought this machine and I'd like to experiment low degrees as you showed. Is it possible to have more details (as screenshots) about settings and softwares you used? Thanks for reply

  16. Greetings Sir, I just bought this very same laptop in this video — and I am wondering if you can tell me what the best undervolt setting to use is. I have never undervolted a laptop; and I am thinking longevity of the system and not wanting this thing to burn up with games — thank you so much in advance — Jim (7/13/19)

  17. Hello sir, I'm comtemplating day and night whether I should go with 2018 Predator helio 300 with 144hz screen or this GF75? I'm a casual gamer if that, but do mostly photo editing work. Amazon sells Predator 300 for $999 and GF75 for $1157 on Amazon but I feel like saving $158 sets me back to an older 8th gen i7 processor whereas GF75 has the 9th gen proc but with a 60hz panel but better color space maybe than the 300?? I'm torn. Please advise sir thank you very much!!!!

  18. i tried to install ubuntu 18.04 on this laptop but i can't, the screen frozen on the lenguage selection, someone knows what happened?

  19. without rgb just give a white backlit keyboards, dnt get the ugly red or green backlit buttons even painted with that color on sides :/

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