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44 thoughts on “Modern Warfare: All GAME MODES May Have Just Leaked…

  1. High value target is most likely going to be like the halo version where each team has a 'vip', and you need to kill them and when one dies, it repicks the 'vip' for each team.
    Edit: spelling

  2. I can’t believe you said these won’t be in the game at launch Espresso???? The fact that you don’t want these game modes in at launch is baffling to me you obviously don’t want call of duty to be great again

  3. Hey man!! Quick question, what do you use to edit your videos or just render your videos?!? Love the videos and was curious!

  4. I disagree to a small extent I do think that there are too many game modes but if you think about the fact that we are literally going to have three times the amount of player base considering cross-play and also considering the DLC is going to be free so the player base is going to be more connected than it's ever been I think there will be enough players to support a lot of these different types of game modes

  5. I’ve been using your code for a while now ! When chug rug dropped I think is when I started and that’s at least 6 flavors ago. Sour grape , hype sauce , strawberry banana, snow cone , type O ,banana mama and I think sour blue was before that but I can’t remember.

  6. Ground War was pretty cool when we (me and 2 friends) played it during the beta, Headquarters was also pretty nice. What I'll probably end up playing the most though when I play by myself will be either regular Team Deathmatch which felt really good or Hardcore. I'm also really looking forward to the Realism modes. I usually try to get the diamond camos (don't know if there's any) and all the challenges but I end up playing only for that and loose the fun factor. This time I'll try to just go with the weapons I like and have fun like I did in the Beta.

  7. all modes can be purchased in loot boxes, ps4 get all modes but xbox and pc only get 10 modes until October 2020, when the rest will be available in supply drops.

  8. i about creamed when i heard drop zone and infection

    i swear if infection is true but has only one shotgun like the recent ass games ima flip shit

  9. You have to consider the fact that there is cross-play now. That's most likely why there are so many more modes in this game. All game modes will have 3 times the players and that means less popular modes will be easier to find matches in for a longer time.

  10. Also, High Value Target sounds a lot like Guardian from the Gears of War series where you have to protect your leader while also taking out the enemies leader and if you kill their leader, they lose their respawns and same if they kill yours, obviously.

  11. I’m so freaking excited for Reinforce man! The only COD game that mode was in was actually COD Ghosts and that was by far the best game mode in my opinion and I’m really excited to see that return in this game to see how it plays out with these maps.

  12. maybe high value target is some sort of free-for-all where you kill and get higher score, but also give more points to the enemy when you get killed, some sort of high-risk high-reward

    i know we're not talking about it, but i would like to have shipment as a gunfight map

    and maybe being able to put 63 bots and play ground war in shipment

  13. I don't know if anyone noticed this, but some of these gamemodes appear to have the same name of past maps in the series.

    Like Showdown is from COD 4,
    Invasion is from MW2,
    Fire Mission is a Spec Ops Mission
    from MW3
    Grind is from BO2
    Onslaught is a DLC map pack from Ghosts.
    Rupture is from BO3
    Breach Is from WaW and BO3

    I don't know if any of the past COD games did this as well, because I haven't played COD in a long time, but its kinda cool to remember some of the old maps.

  14. Team juggernaut would be tight if its one juggernaut a team and it rotates randomly. Idk about everyone being a juggernaut. That would get old quick.

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