Modern Warfare: 18 Maps* & Post Launch Content May Have Leaked…

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  1. Joshua Cooper says:

    Anyone who still has doubts about this game, be patient. Infinity Ward has always listened to their player base.

  2. Echo7Project says:

    Classic maps will be total trash if they don't fix their spawn system… It'd probably be worse

  3. Djdakiller325 / Dj Studio's says:

    Still have have 3 hours left on my download

  4. SGT Foley says:

    Me: Sees Rust in thumbnail
    Also Me: clicks so fast I got killed by a…claymore?

  5. Zac Baese says:

    New maps are great but they need to fix the foot steps and spawn's first or the great maps to come won't be playable

  6. Deshawn Jackson says:

    I would like to see Highrise even if it was a night version. I'd love to see the old game modes like team tactical and demolition more tho.

  7. DonBonJovi 214 says:

    maps need to come out like yesterday dude game is getting old quick… its like the same 4 maps everytime on mutiplayer

  8. Questbro says:

    You are delusional if you think this is just the beginning of the content drops. That is all the free content.

  9. daniel - says:

    yo I've been playing this since beta and i am just confused here, not that im new or bad ill generally rank top in a leaderboard but wtf they said bullet drop aND SHIT RIGHT I HAVNT NOTICED THAT WITH ANY SNIPERS AND IN ground war HERE U DONT ACCOUNT FOR IT AT ALL AND YOU HIT YOUR SHOTS . whoops caps there my v

  10. _NoCap_ says:

    More 3 lane maps,maps like gun runner and hackney yard play out damn near perfect because the follow the 3 lane design

  11. MooSe PlayZ says:

    We definitely need more operators. And they coming soon👌🏻

  12. Mackenzie says:

    I definitely think this game should have launched with at least one throwback map

  13. Dalton Urofsky says:

    They’re literally holding back content that’s ready😂

  14. The Beast says:

    Maps for this game will be free right

  15. Nathan Mestdagh says:

    there are 5 spec ops missions, you can only play the 4 spec ops missions online

  16. nubz0rzyou says:

    and they could have at least let us play the night maps u can play them in private match now but not online???

  17. nubz0rzyou says:

    we need derail for a new 20v20

  18. Betrayed R says:

    We need highrise

  19. ExeKuTioN Cro says:

    The AK looks strong af

  20. Kae says:

    can’t wait to see the Gold AK upload 🤩 Currently working on the Aug & then the SCAR if i ever get the damn thing

  21. Synscope says:

    Anyone feel like theater mode is a must?

  22. Jim Badger says:

    You wasted 12 minutes of my time telling me nothing thanks…….

  23. Cowlyper Shalachaska says:

    Kill Confirmed is actually on the combat record game modes

  24. Chris M says:

    I want Favila, Highrise, Estate, and Wasteland

  25. Mateo Cruz says:

    People gave recycled maps so much shit in bo4 and now that’s all they want. Cod community is bipolar 😂

  26. Nick Rogoß says:

    new maps would be nice since the ones in game are trash

  27. Iain Wilson says:

    Piccadilly be giving people Tourette’s

  28. Mat says:

    Enemies shouldn’t hear your characters call outs. So fucking stupid.

  29. hive_42 says:

    the maps on MW fucking suck. not a single good map

  30. Josh Grazier says:

    – Fix footsteps
    – Fix minimap
    – More maps
    – Make dead silence a perk
    – Nerf shotguns
    – Remove battle announcer
    – Nerf claymores


    Don't think ghost needs a nerf if they introduced dots on minimap.

  31. Jake says:

    This game is garbage

  32. Icannotthinkofaname says:

    Ecoliespresso: plays cod
    Recoil: aight imma head out

  33. Adam Durham says:

    Dude 6 months of tuning in this game with some more content and this will be one of the best FPS in a long while.

  34. David Watkins says:


  35. David Watkins says:

    The current maps kinda ass 🙃

  36. Gabe Pee says:

    The maps aren’t that bad it’s just the spawns on those maps that makes them terrible

  37. javon boyd says:

    This game could literally be so good if they change a few things if not I think it will die out all the people saying “bro just adapt” will eventually get tired of “adapting”(camping)

  38. Sean Mifsud says:

    Terminal <3

  39. Redneck Sniper says:

    The one down side to this game is most of the maps suck people camp their asses off once we get some classic maps people will run around more

  40. dudeitsmario says:

    did i hear that right, 50v50??

  41. Redneck Sniper says:

    I hope we get Dome, Fallen and Resistance from MW3

  42. Jacob Damouni says:

    As long as i get my rust and terminal id be happy

  43. Derblader says:

    Game is super boring. byebye

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