So yesterday I finally decided that I wanted to teach Mocha to fetch a mini wiffle ball – she already knew how to fetch a pen cap, however she was never a fan of picking up the wiffle ball and so that was the hardest step for her. Once she got that down though we sped through training and this video here is that exact 10 minute session sped up to show the process. I hope this video can be useful to anyone having difficulty teaching their rats to fetch using other methods – Mocha here had issues with my favored method and so I had to get a bit out of my comfort zone and work on my shaping skills and as a result she’s picked up fetch and loves it!


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24 thoughts on “Mocha the Rat Learns to Fetch a Ball – Full Session Summarized!

  1. If you should ever introduce another boy into your mischief, I have a name suggestion inspired by your delicious naming scheme: SPUMONI !

  2. We have decided that the two rats that we have left right now will be our last until after our big move in about a year. They are both 2 and a half years old. They had two older brothers who passed this year. While they both seem like they're doing just fine right now, what do I do when one of them passes to make the other one not so sad? Is there anything I can do?

  3. Shadow I need your help I have tow buetiful girls who I love and adore but Annie is the dominant female who is hurting and ripping the others ear I don’t know what to do pls help!

  4. I'm crying about how joyful and smart they are. How could anyone find them disgusting? They care for the babies as a pack. Better then a whole lot of humans l've seen doing….

  5. I haven't had a rattie in years. I miss them so much! Umi can't wait to have them again and share the love and sweetness they have with my children. I just wish they lived longer lives 😢

  6. I just want to know when Mocha learns to fetch the Pokeball! Gotta catch ‘em all! 😉 Though I just noticed what I think is a Pikachu tail on the left edge of the screen… How do Ratatas and Pikachus get along?

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