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✨тнαик уσυ fσя σρєиιиg тнє ∂єѕ¢яιρтισи✨
💕ím αlrєαdч tαkєn💕


Well hihi this is my wish before and i always drew this to my sketch i always named it The Ribbon Girl
Well so since ive already finish my art work my hotel vlog will be starting tomorrow
But the problem is im not doing a live Streaming but ill post it
Some days im available, also great news! Ive already have a Hangout app
Now i can talk to Rylan_Senpai and Luna_Chan i can also talk to Gary in the Hangout app even Messenger tho 🙂


Rylan_Senpai my brotha’s channel QwQ:

My Special Love channel♡( ˘ ³˘) :


Question: Did you really trace the other drawings you’ve made or its just an accidentally?
Answer: i did really trace the other arts,even this but its myself maker Oc

Question: Do you inspire someone on your arts?
Answer: Yes, but its too many of them.. 😅😅

Question: Is it easy for you to draw in a bit layers
Answer: yes its really easy, ive got 10 layers in this art

Question: Why’d you named it mocha?
Answer: Well its just because i loved mocha flavour


Sorry for the short question im too lazy tho :p
#stellaart #stellasakura #speedpaint


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