Mocha Cat

Mocha Cat Is the most recent premade from Skye and Aiko at Thunderhowl studios! Mocha had 3 different magnetic highlights, removable eyelids, and fits fron 22-24in heads! This partial also has a moving jaw and additional vents by the ears to keep you cool and alert!

Mocha is now up on dealers den!!

Music by: Huskmusic – solstice


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  1. maxthekit uchiha says:

    Everytime I watch videos by you it makes me wish I had money to buy a fursuit of my Sona

  2. Trigger The Wolf says:

    Ughhhhh I need to bring my fursuit to life that’s too cute!!

  3. ҠᎥᶉα_Ꮏђҿ_ Ⴚαナ says:

    I love cats 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😘

  4. Xenon Dominate says:

    Omg.. amazing work again!!

  5. Nero a.k.a HuskMusic says:

    Such an awesome character. You guys did great!

    Thanks for using my song too! <3 xD

  6. -Lex Olivie- says:


  7. Lance Smith says:

    Too cute and adorable

  8. Koopah Folf says:

    This cutie makes me want some coffee.
    In other words, she is adorable.

  9. Drogo der Dämon says:

    1. 😂

  10. Sleepy Boi says:

    Looks so cute!

  11. J Nuy says:

    Looks completely stunning! OwO UwU

  12. Reiky says:


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