Mocha + After Effects Tutorial: Tracking Graphics

Ian Robinson shows how Mocha Pro’s planar motion tracking and roto tools can be used to integrate graphics into a scene.

Mocha’s planar tracking can solve out-of-focus shots that might throw off the AE point tracker or camera tracking. This advanced, 42min tutorial covers planar tracking, linking masks, open spline masking for hair and more.

Mocha AE is free with Adobe After Effects CC!

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  1. Steven2156 says:

    What a terrific tutorial. As others have said, clearly explained and didn't rush through like so many other tutorials. More of these please!

  2. Shane Cook says:

    Any particular reason why you created a Solid Object instead of a Null Object at 20:08? Beginner here just trying to get core concepts down.

  3. Samuel Harmon says:

    Great, quality, easy to follow, informative video. The Mocha community and learners need more videos like this. The VFX artists of tomorrow need to see real world how they can use mocha to create while also learning the concepts behind compositing.

  4. UTDMAN4EVA says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I really appreciate it. The fact that nothing's rushed in this video is what makes it watchable. I hope you do more 🙂 Thanks Again !!!

  5. Shantanu Baviskar says:

    Could've used Set Matte effect instead but still cool 🙂

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