Minecraft Team Extreme Server 2013-04-10

I wanted to do a full Vid from Spawn start to All N, S, E, W, Exit’s
IP: Play.TeamExtremeMc.com
General Server Rules
Lets get started
Don’t Break or steal other peoples things.
Don’t Impersonate a Mod, Admin or any staff members.
Don’t talk in the chat with all capitals or you will be muted.
Don’t exploit the game mechanics to get an unfair advantage over other players.
Don’t build 1×1 towers to the sky.
Don’t make Redstone clocks. This means a Redstone circuit that is constantly pulsing that can’t be turned off.
You may curse but keep it civil and don’t spam.
Respect other people.
Don’t bitch about server restarts.
No cheating or hacking.
No xray texture packs.
No account sharing or Trading VIP Status.
So what mods can i use?
You can use mods like, chat mods, music mods, map mods, generally anything that does not cheat the game or the server.
So what mods are banned?
Generally any mod that cheats the game, such as map downloaders, xray mod, Fly and Jump mods, instant mining, tracer,
invisible mods, sneak mods, and teleportation mods.
I wanted to do a full Vid from Span start to All N, S, E, W, Exit’s


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  1. PooxterMooxter says:

    play.mythicmc.info, is the TE ran my Kenace

  2. V13 Jonek Dec says:

    What's the frickin IP?!?

  3. Charlie the AnArchie says:

    Did anyone keep the gallery of the server and its creations?

  4. Zermatox says:

    rip this server lol so many good times

  5. Triassic says:


  6. Suxophone says:


  7. Billy Bob says:

    Too much nostalgia I can't

  8. HasPrivilege says:

    I really wish raidmax would release the old world files. This was the first server I ever joined in Minecraft. I would love to revisit said map for nostalgic purposes

  9. Jistic says:

    Holy fucking shit I remember being on this server when I was 7 I've been trying to look for it

  10. HasPrivilege says:

    when nostalgia hits hard

  11. iamflucky says:

    This is the very first minecraft server I’ve ever played, I remember being banned from this server for advertising lmao

  12. Xxalan romeroXx says:

    es bueno el servers

  13. thatSFMguy says:

    I fucking hate that server!

  14. MrSexyTiger says:

    song Electric Daisy Violin

  15. bat _puro says:


  16. MortalHack says:


  17. patrizio Carbonara says:

    team exrime merda

  18. Alexio Show says:


  19. Mystery Dude says:

    this server banned me for no reason -_-

  20. Pigeon says:

    I miss spawning in the library. It was team extremes trade mark. I wish v3 could go back to how v2 was where you spawn in the library not in a freaking ugly fountain.

  21. Xie Jake says:

    What is that song's name?

  22. Jekai GB says:

    Electric Daysi Violin…!! lindsey!!!

  23. Moza Yousef says:

    ayyy its Flox !

  24. abdou cherifi says:


  25. azeddine misbah says:

    how to chat in Team Extreme

  26. Julian Lewis says:

    dude its me rawrimmaeachoo i got banned for no reason but i found ur yt channel 🙂

  27. Láďa Pleštil says:

    na to davam 1000000 ☆

  28. Killer Boy T_N_O says:

    soy fan de minceraft

  29. Калоян Туков says:

    recording program please

  30. bruster fei says:


  31. alvaro velazquez says:

    para que es el server

  32. Legendary BlueFox says:

    Good times😂

  33. jair andre franco santillana says:

    como se entra al serve

  34. loc pham says:

    ma la j vay

  35. NAGOTI DC says:

    tambien no se pongan vegetta777 no te dejan entrar

  36. NAGOTI DC says:

    2:40 es parte es la del laberinto

  37. NAGOTI DC says:

    ey porfa no tengo cuenta y no se que hacer no puedo hablar ni juagar juegos del hambre nada solo me lleva a un laberinto lo paso voy a una placa me lleva a un lugar donde hay vallas cuando voy a las placas de presion me voy al mismo lugar de antes ayudaaaa

  38. regis batista silva says:

    os caras que voce viu isso tanben acontece comigo

  39. TheMinecraftGamingCrew says:

    Why does everyone think TeamExtreme is bad excpt me. I spend 5 hours on it when I dont realize.

  40. Рома Баранов says:

    А я русский

  41. Gregory enot says:

    Can somebody please tell me what's the point of this server? Please ❤

  42. ale DE VG CORREA says:

    gracias amigo me gusto mucho LIKE

  43. Jose Guadalupe Borbon Beltran says:

    como salgo de las presiones donde están los jugadores juntos no puedo salir de ahi

  44. ThomasGamer says:

    Account Registration Where

  45. Jorge Oscco says:

    que feo todo en ingles y pero para el colmo un tremendo laberinto

  46. ezzio93 says:

    J'ai le serv mais il est toujours complet impossible daller desus

  47. Macien Angielski says:


  48. Ploof says:

    When cypher wasn't a mod.

  49. Fatih Tokat says:

    hebinizin amq

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