Minecraft Survival Starter House Tutorial

Minecraft: How to Build a Survival Starter House Tutorial

In today’s Minecraft build tutorial I’m going to show you how to build a simple Survival Starter House that has everything you need to survive in Minecraft!

This is the same house I built on my first episode from my Minecraft Survival Patreon Server!!

Check out the 1st Patreon Server Let’s Play video:

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  1. TheMythicalSausage says:

    Hey!!! Thank you so much for watching!!! So many asked for my patreon/yt supporter starter house tutorial!! Here YOU GO!!! Thanks for all the support lately!! You're all amazing!!! …and to all the new Patreons/YT Supporters who recently joined i hope your having fun right now on the new server!! Love ya!!

  2. EG123 HD says:

    I now hate roofs

  3. Space Wolf says:

    I love your tutorials!

  4. Black Void Gaming says:

    Hey Sauage. Awesome work there. I was wondering if you could build a ranch house for a survival world

  5. xXNinjaSabinXx says:

    Love this build and all of your builds , you are a very inspirational builder

  6. Ed Lewis says:

    You are awesome

  7. ObviouslyAubrey says:

    What texture pack does he use????

  8. madelyn says:

    built this entirely in survival!! very expensive and time consuming but 10/10 worth it. beautiful.

  9. President Nathan says:

    In your future vids can you include a list of the number of blocks I need?

  10. Charlie Nix says:

    Block Count Anyone?

  11. SpongeBoi says:

    I do think an easier way to build this is by building the beams first, idk why but it just feels more easy to me.

  12. JaydenStriking Studios says:

    BSL shaders? I was using it -_-

  13. Hacker Plays says:

    I’m gonna make a house like this in my survival world!! XD

  14. Jayjay Andulte says:

    Thanks for making the the house!! I really love it 👌!! Now just the decorations 🙂

  15. Abigail Thomas says:


  16. Abigail Thomas says:


  17. JamTHEgreaT THE greaT TEAM says:

    I like your voice

  18. Cray Ola says:

    No one:

    Sausage: YEAHHHH that looks good

  19. Rowlaskren 12 says:


  20. whoresome tingz says:

    the shader pack you use is so
    pretty holy

  21. Oscar and Noah Games says:


  22. Super slide Roblox says:


  23. Ben Store says:

    Hey you got the chimney idea from magamamusen

  24. Felix Horse says:

    Material list?

  25. Juan says:

    6:28 (so I can find where I stopped later)

  26. Lewis Cook says:

    U should put the horses in the back….

    Get it??

  27. spācēZ says:

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial
    I searched so much for a good house
    Keep up the good work!

  28. Mischa White says:

    this house is great but i wish you were more detailed on how to build the stuff. Like the layout of the house was a little to vague for me. but still, great build. 😁

  29. Amwag says:

    Stop making tutorials u can’t do it right

  30. Amwag says:

    You’re a fucking dumbass

  31. Dont Read This says:

    You speak no truth!!!! This is endgame xD

  32. Kostas Paschalis says:

    I love your videos!!! Keep it going!!!

  33. Dank Gaming says:


  34. Randy ZB says:

    could you provide a download link

  35. Rachael Udin says:

    How many blocks in survival

  36. • ᖴᗩᒪᒪEᑎ ᒪᑌᑎᗩᖇ • says:

    Starter? Are you sure about that—

  37. 黃巧橋 says:

    I am a child

  38. LeWeys says:

    Hey Sausage!! I love the way you showed us your pallet. It’s so much easier to see! Can you continue that method? 🥰 Love your channel!! 💕

  39. LupiX says:

    10:33 (I just saving moment)

  40. Robert Gillis says:

    I love your work Sausage, SImple eloquent and very well explained. I have learned so much from watching your videos. I also love your music choices. Thanks for liking the Gang Starr video – It was strange hearing Guru's voice in 2019. I would have missed it if it were not for you

  41. MrBeast says:

    Love your voice

  42. Заха laif says:

    I welcome you, I am writing to you from Ukraine. This is great, I admire your talent. I do not play minecraft, but when I saw these buildings, I fell in love with it, you inspired me.

  43. khalid k says:

    hey! could you make a library in minecraft please!

  44. Buckedsing5155. Do says:

    Can u plz make a slaughter house

  45. SlaughterKingPlayz says:

    could u make like an ultimate base with everything we need

  46. Shadow boom says:

    I am new and I would like to see an old little castle tutorial please and look forward for the nether update.And you are the best builder that I have seen 👍👍👍

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