Minecraft: How To Build A Survival Starter House Tutorial (#11)

Minecraft: How To Build A Survival Starter House Tutorial (#11)

In this Minecraft build tutorial I show you how to make an easy survival house that features two entrances at either sides of the house and multiple staircases, providing an easy accessible house with identical front and back sides. Not only that but the house sits on a raised platform, creating lots of space underneath for crops and even a pathway that goes through the middle.

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  1. Rizzial says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments and support everyone, sorry I was gone so long! 💙

  2. ZCharger IE says:

    To create more room for the house you can make an attic

  3. Anja Kiuparu says:

    You forgot that in survival mode you can not fly around and get resources instantly

  4. Dino Guzman says:

    Isn’t it 48 oak logs?

  5. Narek Khatayan says:

    Who read this comment.You are the best

  6. Elite says:

    tip: use shulker boxes or ender chests

  7. Max Gamer says:

    Thank you this is an awesome house

  8. Isalie Svea Deuter says:

    Great house! I used other Blocks, acacia and jungle blocks. It's very easy to build! The reason I use the acacia blocks, is becouse I spawn on a acacia field. But you can maybe tell us next time that you put stairs under the roof, I mean inside the house! Thumbs up!👍🏻

  9. Andres Santiago says:

    Okay, FIRST of all,
    is it ME OR does he
    sounds like

  10. # ꧁༒MOHAMMAD Arif༒꧂ says:

    Can u please make the Proper doraemon house

  11. zan ismal says:

    background music sound like the one in the infinite ikea game

  12. Victoria Heaney says:

    I had to rebuild 22times to do it

  13. Victoria Heaney says:


  14. Mr RzV says:

    What is the seed

  15. Lalrempuia C says:

    I know why you didn't get much likes cause people attened to forgot it!

  16. EXILE ZeuS says:

    Whats that seed?

  17. spqcebuns says:

    don't mind me-


  18. Sheldon Cranswick says:

    this looks SO good in 1.15

  19. Hoàn Nguyễn Văn says:

    Thank you for your house

  20. BEAST GAMER says:

    rizzia maza nai a ra ha

  21. Elijah says:

    Can u tell us the seed you use

  22. Saul Vasquez says:

    Can you make a tree house

  23. Noob Studio says:


  24. Kupono Min says:

    I bet no one likes you

  25. S H A P A says:


  26. Chandler Winterland says:

    build a modern quartz mansin or modern castle with red stone
    i love you vids

  27. EnderCosm says:

    Cine e aici de la xSlayder si Rapha ? =))

  28. amie lagurin says:

    Thank you Rizzial the three wooden house left i will build today thank you so much 🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎😎😉😉😉😉😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😏😏😏😏🙄🙄🙄🙄🤓🤓🤓

  29. CuteCat Alina says:

    please i want know what the name of the shader texture pack which shown in the video?

  30. It's Jo says:


  31. Yilmaz says:


  32. Valentina Beardy says:


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