Minecraft 1.15 – Survival Starter House Tutorial

In today’s Minecraft Tutorial i’ll show you How to Build my Minecraft 1.15 Survival Starter House from my Minecraft Single Player Survival Let’s Play – Episode 1!

This house is perfect for starting out in a brand new Minecraft 1.15 World!!

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  1. TheMythicalSausage says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!!! Here’s my gift to you!!! My Season 3 – Episode 1 Starter House!!!

    I hope you have the very best day!!!! Love ya!!!

  2. 【Cotton】 Michicorn モ為フ says:

    How those the inside look like cause I’m going to build this In survival!!!

  3. Big Red says:

    I would like to see how to make a awesome Mine entrance! I love your builds!:) they are always unique and cool 😊

  4. Nicole Dominique says:

    How can you download 1.15 in android for free because most videos aren't right for my device.can you please teach me how?

  5. _ ClxQo says:

    I like it! But I'm disappointed that you didn't tell what part is the front and back and I got confused and built it the wrong way and had to redo it, next say it

  6. FLAME PHOENIX says:

    I've been your secret disciple..
    Following your ways and I could say….
    That I am almost like you..
    But I will never be like you..
    For a disciple must never
    Surpass his own master..
    Even if I can or not you will forever be my master..

  7. Snazzy Spud says:

    Instructions unclear. I ate my cat.

  8. nathan benoist says:

    Wars do we need for thaïs house please

  9. Tyler Hendrix says:

    Mythical sausage later in your survival series I think you should make a bee statue or a statue of your horse.

  10. Senna M says:

    I'm in the middle of building this in my new survival world… got interrupted by pillagers 😭 Can't y'all let me finish???? I need a roof!!! 😂

  11. Aye Sea says:

    thanks sausage!!! your the best!!!

  12. Alonso AlBa says:

    how did you get shaders in 1.15????

  13. Tyler Hendrix says:

    Mythical sausage, I hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful day.

  14. sky blue says:

    How to make a mountain top wood house

  15. conorgray511 says:

    “This is one of my favourite” – check

    “I love it so much!” – check

  16. Sosig says:

    Build a base in a huge electric guitar

  17. Disco Drawing says:

    Looks really good. Thank you. Also Merry Late Christmas..

  18. Kestrel PPL says:

    Gosh, how i love your builds. Hope you had a great christmas.

  19. Raj Gujjar says:

    Love your kid nature it's very cute

  20. Eline van den Berg says:

    I was almost done and then thunder struck the house…

  21. Woasif Shafin says:

    Great build man. Just subbed. Keep it Rollin!

  22. Красен Топалов says:

    What is the texturepack for the leaves

  23. Kim's~It Is What It Is says:

    Merry Christmas to You!!! I hope you had a great day with family and friends. 🤗🎄❤️ I can’t wait to build this in one of my worlds!!!

  24. Toh Zhong Fu says:

    Thank you Sausage

  25. Xander Melendrez says:

    Ty I wanted this merry Christmas sausage

  26. Jarid Wilkes says:

    You should start to put material lists in your video or description for players in survival mode

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