Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Take Their Romance to TikTok With WILD Video


  1. Melissa Tercero says:


  2. The Honest Wife says:

    Wtf I thought she married Liam!? What a hoe lol

  3. Ajaypal Singh says:

    Sooooooooooo much pda, social media post, toooooooo much for me and soooooooooo cringy.

  4. Cheyanne l4nn says:

    Gordon Ramsay is that you

  5. Maviecres Pardilla says:

    Cutest couple ever,happy for Miley she found the one that will support her and understands her in every way

  6. Ms Victoria says:

    Okay Miley's just a village bicycle now.. Everyone's having a ride omg!🤔😭

    And I liked her 😞

  7. Denise Eugene says:

    Dating in public ? You make it public Miley ..

  8. Isabel 214 says:

    Even though he is ugly asf they make a better match lol

  9. patricia donald-mcveigh says:

    She's such a mixed up girl

  10. George Cope says:

    Who a who a tik what ?

  11. Krystal M says:

    Lol they both are for each other Liam was way more sophisticated for her

  12. Sani Balci says:

    This Boy is not good for Miley

  13. Jesse Paul says:

    Who cares

  14. Kit Kat says:

    PR, PR, $, $.

  15. D D says:

    This guy seems like the type of guy Miley should be with. Someone who loves her crazy side and is very playful.

  16. Alyy says:

    I feel like she's very dependant on having a partner! she doesn't seem like a very independent person! Which is not a bad thing it's just my view on things : )

  17. SPEAK UP says:

    Media will milk anything.

  18. Derek Roach IG: durek_roche says:

    Why are these two people in every other one of your videos? Stop please

  19. Bengal Tiger says:

    She is so fake smh

  20. mimi mure says:

    Hes using her for fame and she using him to get over Liam. The perfect couple. 😂

  21. Michelle Richardson says:

    Bitch acts like shes on crack.. disgusting excuse for a human being.

  22. Christy Woods says:

    Bras domt matter anympre.Whats the difference in showimg your bra than showimg a swimsuit top?the fabric?I mean seriously.Or panties for that matter.Ive always wondered that if they are coverimg your personal areas like a swimsuit.theres just really no difference,except weve been taught they are different amd its taboo or bad.It's silly and ignorant and ridiculous if you ask Me.Besides,She's Miley!She. An do it if She wands to Babyyyy!🤤🤑😉🦋

  23. swhl says:

    So cringe.

  24. cetin Amsterdam says:

    Miley ❤️🙌🏼

  25. rachel noe says:

    Inevitable they are going to break up

  26. T W says:

    Miley desperately needs attention please give her one

  27. Alexa Smith says:

    So who is Cody Simpson?

  28. ritesh says:

    Cringe cringe cringe

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