28 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Take Their Romance to TikTok With WILD Video

  1. I feel like she's very dependant on having a partner! she doesn't seem like a very independent person! Which is not a bad thing it's just my view on things : )

  2. Bras domt matter anympre.Whats the difference in showimg your bra than showimg a swimsuit top?the fabric?I mean seriously.Or panties for that matter.Ive always wondered that if they are coverimg your personal areas like a swimsuit.theres just really no difference,except weve been taught they are different amd its taboo or bad.It's silly and ignorant and ridiculous if you ask Me.Besides,She's Miley!She. An do it if She wands to Babyyyy!🤤🤑😉🦋

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