MICHAEL JACKSON *Hee-Hee Tik Tok Compilation* [1 Hour]

yes, 1 hour
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  1. Irina Papacostea says:

    Me: wait thsts illegal

  2. baby brat says:

    32:20…. FUCK

  3. Mia Ange says:

    La cancion maa turbia

  4. Jessica Cabrera says:

    0:47 This should be the minecraft logo michaelcraft

  5. ρяιncєѕѕ M͙a͙g͙i͙c͙ ʝєωєl кιяα кιяα нєαятs says:

    Its baby not hehe

  6. Keily Ramirez says:

    i keep hearing pipi

  7. Marcus Brown says:

    he dance FUCK ME

  8. taze_bimsk pro says:

    Hell yeah😂😂

  9. Gregory odom says:

    4:14 :/

  10. E N J O Y Y O U R S E L F says:

    This Disrespectful Asf 🤷🏽‍♀️🚫

  11. Alexis Davis says:

    What the hell🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I will always love Michael

  12. Lucas xd Gacha chan liam xd says:

    Ayuwokiii xdxd hee hee

  13. Laiba Azhar says:

    Millions log aye Jaye par Michael Jackson jasa koye ni a sakti hai😘❤😔😢

  14. Dali Jiqia says:

    22:15 why did you ruins Michaels pic

  15. Dali Jiqia says:

    I think this is humiliating Michael

  16. Priyansh Kumar says:

    It is a bad act

  17. Lucy Games says:

    Antes escuchaba hehe ahora escuchó pepe osea pipi

  18. Molly moo says:

    2:13 my favourite

  19. Tsuyu Asui says:

    0:46 how.

  20. iii_CloudyPxxts says:

    When you watch this for an hour and can’t say anything but hee hee

  21. unicorn glitter says:

    James Charles should do this

  22. Света Глейм says:

    Why do you shame Michael Jackson, paint disgusting, sorry of course that I say so, but it is better not to do it, do not shoot such videos, thank you in advance:)

  23. Epic Frog says:

    14:10 peppa what are u doing in this video? 7w7

  24. Girly Pelucheux says:

    Il est tellement pas respecté
    C est abusée

  25. Benjamin Wendin says:

    Is Michael a boi?

  26. morena morena says:

    Quien abla español deje su like👍👍👍

  27. SoySamuelYT23 says:


  28. Jeffy Is my name o says:

    The spongebob one was funny and after the spongebob one it was wierd

  29. Anni Pineda says:

    Estas loco oque

  30. bluedragon9300 says:

    On 3:13 she rude to Micheal Jackson 😡

  31. Katya Ocasio says:

    1:16 the best one in history

  32. Bionic says:

    1:15 spit blood

  33. Sevda Sirvanli says:

    First man is very good make micheal jacskon makyak

  34. Iker Acosta says:

    No le copien a michael

  35. Daniela Briseno says:


  36. Anabella Wilson says:

    RESPECT ✊🏼

  37. Macie Norvell says:

    Michael Jackson is a very good looking man it was just in the 2000s he did not look healthy or happy

  38. Enforce tsmlovers87 says:

    Why does it so sound like pee pee xD

  39. Léo Chanel says:

    Trop bien fait mdr jchui abo

  40. Zedric Jor-el Robles Sanchez says:

    Me pint michael jackson

  41. Adan Gael Canche Carrillo says:

    Like hehe ayuwoki hehe
    👄👄 hehe

  42. Caylee Murray says:

    1:23 XD

  43. Namjoons Tiddies says:

    0:25 how other people do it
    1:14 how I do it

  44. anime and MJ says:

    This challenge is disgusting

  45. marcos studios says:


  46. Kimora Marks says:

    Imagine if James Charles do this

  47. taetae taetae says:

    00:25 BROOOOO

  48. Sophia yarns says:

    More like jumping out the clouds haha smoking alot of races but you hair line looks like a funny haha


    0:58 , el que más se parece!!!

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