Clash Royale trolling with oofro! Clash Royale maga knight trolling arena 1! Clash Royale funny moments with the new mega knight!

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  1. OOfro says:

    Hope you all enjoy mega knight trolling in arena 1!

    Leave a like and sub for more! 😀

  2. Breydon Ennis says:

    Your in arena 1 u r bad

  3. Timon Nagele says:

    Hate such people like you!

  4. ate me says:

    I liked and got magic archer

  5. adam haughey says:

    why does your voise change so much

  6. Eli King says:

    I liked the video

  7. spy playz says:

    Bro this happend to me the time I was in arena 4 and I lost trophies and I went back to arena 3 and I was a bit sad

  8. Dual Dasher says:

    He is not trolling… He is just mean

  9. Carrick Westall says:

    It's a shame you can't go down arenas anymore

  10. Aidan Smith says:

    Love the hair

  11. Jacob toncray says:

    I got a legendary from a giant chest

  12. XDgam3r -07 says:

    Oofro? More like Afro

  13. K_L says:

    How did you get to arena 1

  14. Idontknow Like says:

    Shut up asshole

  15. NNx Air says:

    Hope to get a legendary

  16. Tiger Games says:

    He isn't trolling, he is bullying noobs

  17. Idontknow Like says:

    I love them

  18. Idontknow Like says:

    I liked ur vids

  19. AG says:

    Money boost feels like.

  20. Robert Kennedy says:

    I need a new l

  21. Рефрайн says:


  22. *-*;} says:


  23. loo wai kong says:

    I liked the video and I got Night Witch

  24. XDtriple OG says:

    Got my 2nd bandit out of gold chest straight after liking

  25. Sean Ng says:

    I have one legendary card

  26. OfficialJosh VLOGS says:


  27. Adam Humeňaj says:

    Omg no joke!!! I got a shit from every chest after liking this video

  28. Reed Linton says:


  29. Levi Norway says:

    People like you ruin the game

  30. Icecream Sundae says:

    I worked very hard to get a meg knight but it always make me lose on a highest level

  31. Thomas Green says:

    how are you in arena 1 with arena 11 cards

  32. Shulin Patel says:

    dis guy is ruining the game for noobs

  33. 조숙향 says:


  34. Faze julian says:

    You hack bro

  35. Shadow Killz says:

    I liked the video i got a legendary

  36. Alicia Johnson says:

    It’s not offro it’s it is Afro

  37. ItsJulian playz says:

    I liked and subbed and my clash royal is ItzJulianplayz

  38. Ryan Decambra says:

    I like the video and got a mega night out of a golden chest

  39. Icey911 says:

    That first guy is me😂
    I just realized

  40. Josiah Flores says:

    Not cool dude

  41. Diego Del cid says:

    Omg I got a legendary just from likeing the video

  42. Jango Fett says:

    How does this guy have fans he’s bullying people who are trying to play the game

  43. Fanny Sacepe says:

    i dident get a legendary

  44. Javier Diaz says:

    I got Sparky by opening a silver chest what

  45. mahopacanonymous says:

    stop bullying low levels

  46. Tommy Bowers says:

    lol, nice vid!

  47. Alan Walker Fans says:

    He is using Mega Knight in Arena 1 😂

    And me in Arena 10 still don't have the Mega Knight card 😂

  48. Roy Lu says:

    good video

  49. Da Pufafish says:

    I liked and dropped to arena one

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