Meet the Press Cold Open – SNL

Chuck Todd (Kyle Mooney) interviews Senators Lindsey Grahm (Kate Mckinnon), Susan Collins (Cecily Strong) and Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) about supporting President Trump.

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  1. ND7652 says:

    My question is HOW did SNL get BOTH Mitch and Susan AT THE SAME TIME ???

  2. Su G says:

    “See the best way to uphold the law.. is to be above it” hahahah killed me!

  3. Uaine Diabhal says:

    It'd funnier if it wasn't true

  4. Imwatchingyounow says:

    Meet the New Mitch      SNL!  SNL!  SNL!  SNL!

  5. Squirtle225 Gaming says:

    The return of “How’s he doing?”

  6. Peege Clarke says:

    Use more drugs . Pete gets it ..

  7. Peege Clarke says:

    Oh my God , why won't you leave poor Mitch alone !
    He saved us from all the Iranian the r. … o.k… I can't keep this up . Please shoot all Traitors.

  8. Sam Shelton says:

    So Fu#king stupid.

  9. Uaine Diabhal says:

    There were some very lackluster skits for a while there, but this one was a total slam dunk; and FUCK THE GOP

  10. Amy O says:

    Take away the laughing audience and this is terrifying.

  11. jennifer thomasset says:

    Obviously Democraps …keep laughin …see you 2020

  12. Tarryl Benedetto says:

    Just watch. When Trump leaves office and is actually indicted for all the bullshit he's managed to cover up every single conservative will change their tune, "We never felt that comfortable with him". It may take several years, but it will happen. Same thing happened with W.

  13. Mickey Cruise says:

    No agenda here. Is there a demo counter point?

  14. musicnerd 72 says:

    I came here to see Mitch McConnell, but Susan Collins impression stole it. She cracked my ass up!

  15. Sherrill Sturm says:

    Great Mitch!!

  16. Lily Cyrene says:

    Kate McKinnon saying “harder daddy” is my sexuality

  17. martyna says:

    Cecily's Susan Collins impressiom 10/10

  18. Lamont Hicks says:

    Sammie Davis Jr Lol too funny

  19. Nero Lightning Lynx says:

    That is the kind of loyalty I want in life

  20. Jennifer Acrey says:

    Fucking brilliant. All are punk bitches trying to get reelected

  21. Juliett A says:

    Kate is amazing, but Beck actually outshined her in this skit.

  22. Tyler Brown says:

    Harder daddy…

  23. Hogan Savoy says:

    Remember when Trump ran hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels? Or that time he hopped on a plane to Vegas for a fundraiser while one of our ambassadors was lying dead in a foreign embassy? Or that time he weaponized the IRS to target his political enemies? Or that time he shipped a whole planeload of cash to Iran for whatever reason? Or that time he… oooops… wait a sec. Nevermind.

  24. Hogan Savoy says:

    Still waiting for a JOKE.

  25. misscorinneelise says:

    Cecily Strong is absolutely brilliant.

  26. livewithpassion2001 says:

    Funny stuff even for Trump supporters

  27. Me Stars says:

    Ha ha!!

  28. ChainL!nkz says:

    There's always that one person in the audience who has to force laugh out loud like a hyena!

  29. Edmund Singleton says:

    In this era of some journalists being labeled harbingers of fake news, it may be hard for some youngsters today who are consumers of news and information, to know that journalist once occupied the highest rung of respectability and integrity, so much so, that if a despicable criminal wanted to give up to law enforcement, would want to be escorted to police headquarters accompanied by journalist as confirmation that their body showed no displays or outward signs of physical abuse. Now, just imagine a request for accompaniment by a harden criminal element, showing up with a modern day journalist for safety, who is hair dyed, or worse dressed in synthetic hair, making the whole affair a mockery bathed in exasperated annoyance inciting the phrase, “awe, come on now…you’ve got to be kidding me”…all the while engaging in uncontrollable laughter…as if currently viewing the anchors of a cable newscast…or a Saturday Night Live skit…you see the brand has been so tarnished, is currently beyond repair in the name of self-promotion and corporate network marketing…”and the same thing goes for Christmas”…

  30. the animated nerd says:

    I was waiting for "what if Donald Trump raped someone"

  31. deviousxen says:

    'Harder, Daddy.'



  32. Matthew Hoskins says:

    This is the closest thing we'll get to a beck and kyle skit

  33. MissAmazanda says:

    Meet the Press, antique roadshow, American Pickers and Bonanza….the official programming of baby boomers everywhere! lol

  34. Gregory says:

    Political jokes on Republicans again??
    SNL is getting lazy

  35. Noah Vale says:

    This show should have been called :Meet the Depressed "

  36. Thenos The Grape says:

    5:35 gets me every time 😂😂😂

  37. TrassseB says:

    TRUMP and his ountarage have made SNL so easy for the writers they aren't even coming up with any content they just quoting real life….lol

  38. TrassseB says:

    Kate Mckinnon & Beck Bennett deserve oscars they are fucking amazing

  39. arti says:

    Spot on accurate portrayal of where this country is; Republicans SUCK! Hope you all vote and get rid of these scumbags.

  40. Andy L says:

    Please keep the cecily strong Susan Collins impression!

  41. Matt Alibozek says:


  42. dave d says:

    I like this skit because it was so fair and balanced.

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