Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara First Impression


  1. Dace Lielausis says:

    I bought this mascara, and couldn't believe how curved the wand is. As I look at your video, it certainly doesn't have such a severe curve in the wand. Totally disappointed in this mascara.

  2. HaloKatz007 says:

    Love to watch ur videos! They're so "Descriptive" Keep em coming! 🙌👍🤗

  3. Khulene Gallo says:

    So, you have the most beautiful lashes. So jealous 😍

  4. Parwin Ali says:

    Love yr eyebrows! What are you using??

  5. Beth Lovett says:


  6. Anna says:

    My goshhh your long lashes put my short straight lashes to shame. Heck, even your bottom lashes are longer than my top lashes. Hahaha. Thanks for the review.

  7. Yessenia says:

    I️ just bought this hopefully it makes my lashes look like yours 😍😍😍

  8. Kaitlyn R says:

    You have gorgeous lashes! I wish my lashes would curve without needing a curler and just using mascara.

  9. Str8isis says:

    Girl, you have great lashes! Thanx for your review.

  10. stephbunny says:

    Is this hard to wash off? Thanks for the review, the original is my fav!

  11. jcjccmz says:

    Always amazed at your killer lashes! Looks like a great wand. I wish you could tell us how the formula compares. I do think my Lash Sensational (in waterproof) gets really thick and clumpy after a month, and I just decided after 3 tubes over the course of past 1.5 years, that I better not use it anymore. I use waterproof mascaras every day, but the Lash Sensational is the only one where I find myself losing lashes, like 1-2 a day! 😲😭 If this formula is different, I might give it a go. Looks just beautiful on you!

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