See everything I ordered from May Polish Pick Up!!

Polishes Mentioned:
Blue Bird Laquer Pick Me!
The Lady Varnishes I ❤️The 80s And The 80s Said I Know
Poetry Cowgirl Dance Your Cares Away
Stella Chroma Don’t Get My Seat Wet
Pahlish 88 Countach
Dollish Polish Berrylicious
KB Shimmer The Bright Stuff

Fat Cat Polished:

source: https://goindocal.com/

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19 thoughts on “May Polish Pick Up Haul 2019

  1. Love that Pahlish polish … that Stella Chroma is on my "To Hunt "list! I hope I find it on a destash 🤞

  2. I bought a Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard topcoat from PPU a few months ago and the scent was BARELY there. Even after it dried. This is why I didn't get the Strawberry Shortcake scent. I have other scented topcoats where the scent is strong and lasts for days. I was really disappointed with this brand.

  3. You got so many good polishes!! I am sad i didn't get the bluebird ,the pahlish and the dollish but i still got like 9 others 😆 I absolutely love the fast and hard top coat! You're not supposed to smell it when it's wet bc your inhaling chemicals but when it dries the scent comes out!!

  4. Nice haul, very pretty colours! I had a hard time limiting myself last month because of the 80's theme. I was on the fence & didn't get Pick Me, Strawberry Shortcake & KB Simmer…. I did get Don't Get My Seat Wet cuz I'm a huge Prince fan too… I'm not even going to try to not buy in June's PPU…. I have to get Purple Rain for sure!! 😍 Tfs!

  5. Nice haul! Girl I am suffering over all these releases but I just can't give in lol Living vicariously through you in the meantime! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I ate my breakfast while watching. My oatmeal was gone half way through the video 😆. I debated on the double dare polish and now have regrets! I’ve never bought anything from PPU except polish but I should try a topcoat and checkout the other non polish stuff. That charm is cute.

  7. Wow! That’s a great PPU haul! It looks like you purchased every color of the rainbow! It’s a ROYGBIV haul!! 😂🤣
    I have had to bow out of PPU. I got out of control. The fact they are limited edition and sometimes even capped pushed me over the edge and the minute the ordering window opened, I went into a polish biting frenzy!! 😂🤣 I just have an OBSCENE amount of polish and I needed to slow down.

  8. Nice aquisitions to your collection. I like the one from Poetry cowgirl. I hope the weather (in your place) will be better soon. We finally have temperature outside as it supposed to be in June. Have a great weekend!

  9. I get the Vibrant Vinyls topcoat every month from PPU- it’s my favourite!!
    You need to let it dry to get the true intended scent though. Let us know after you try it 😀
    I like the Sally Hansen topcoat too. It’s my favourite drugstore topcoat.

  10. Jo, that was a great suggestion to put the 88 Pahlish over another teal. I put it over Sally Hansen's miracle gel Mintage. It gives the color a brighter hue.

  11. The Dollish polish stick always freaks me out. It's reminds me of a voodoo doll.😂😂😂. I tried to think of Angelica's doll Cynthia instead of bride of Chucky.

  12. Tfs your ppu hauls! I like the first 2 colors you swatched the most. I have been into the neon yellows/greens…i really love the color glowy joe on you! I did watch Fat Cat Pawlished swatch all the june ppu! Omg it is ridiculous how many i want 😬

  13. Very nice polishes! I miss my Pro-Fx quick dry top coat which is no longer sold at Walmart. I tried and like the Sally Hansen top coat in the red bottle but it gets gloopy at the the bottom. I'm still searching for one that's economical and works well.

  14. Nice haul , I’m obsessed with thermals and have quite a few so I tend to wear them a lot even on my toes and they look so cool in transition ! Love everything you bought 💜🌸

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