May pa SURPRISE si Jowa!

Island get away vacation in Bohol with jowa aka miss Alodia Gosiengfiao! We are back at our favorite spot in the Philippines, Amorita Resort. On my birthday we explore the area of Panglao, visit Hinagdanan Cave, and have a relaxing meal at Momo beach.

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  1. Estose Vlog says:

    Ang ganda ni Jowa , parang Diosa ….

  2. Estose Vlog says:

    Ang ganda ni Jowa , parang Diosa ….

  3. Aso Dlaw says:

    I love the way u treat Alysia cause u respect her n treat her n I love ur V-log cause it makes me want to stay in shape

  4. Ginbuko says:

    jowa clickbait lol.

  5. Sun Cup says:

    Alodia wasn’t dressed for the occasion or activity. Her Long dress wasn’t safe for cave exploration. Also the way she acts, she seems too lself-conscious and like like she’s always posing for the camera. Interesting to see how she is being natural just like other famous beautiful young women vloggers.

  6. Loida Ponciano says:

    sana nag short na lng si Alodia nasa beach 🏝 kasi but you luk sexy and hot 🥵

  7. Chelle Chavez Le! says:

    To all men! Please be like this guy wil! Alodia ur so sweet 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Yhasmin Adam says:


  9. Ophir 08 says:

    Broooo come on clickbait 10000

  10. Jeannette Fronda says:

    I love this couple! 😍

    SYT here…
    Click like sa mga gusto mabisita ang bahay at mabigyan ko ng regalo… #hugssss🤗🔄

  11. Albert Flores says:

    parang diwata lang si Alodia HAHAHAH

  12. BORN2BECOOL VIDZ says:

    I'm from SIQUIJOR! Pa HUG po! Salamat! 😍

  13. JMT vlog says:

    Kuyaaa willl!

  14. Yen Evangelista says:

    Try here in Camiguin Island Wil. There's so many tourist spots here

  15. Daniel Fujiyami says:

    Kasal muna ah bago ano😊😇

  16. Happychicx says:

    Wow what a wonderful cave❣️Alodia looks like a beautiful mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ ofc,😍that was such fabulous shots💕👍

  17. snewjerk Quitlong says:

    Natawa ako sa third dinner
    "Sabaw" haha

  18. Forest link says:

    Parang nanalo ng lotto c will kay alodia

  19. Happychicx says:

    Wil maybe it's good if you do a yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️ vid that you do from start to finish only if it's ok for you. 🤞✌️🙏

  20. Happychicx says:

    Belated happy birthday to both of you beautiful duos 💕wish you health and happiness always ❣️

  21. Eldon Swenson says:

    Alodia is a dime piece! 🔥

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