‘May he rot in hell for the hell he caused here on Earth’


  1. Justin Naoki says:

    I believe most likely the terrorist leader is in hell right now so good ridance, human Justice has been served to all great people martyrs and heroes Christians and westerners, and people of all religions and cultures we pray for you and your families.

  2. Slave of Allah says:


  3. Elaine Stewart says:

    Great! One less great big arshole on the planet! Don't stop Donald keep trucking, get those MF"S back in a humble hole!

  4. Dutch says:

    It rained Baghdadi all day

  5. emperor du nord says:

    Justin trudeau weeps for bagdadi

  6. Linda Menke says:

    You would think he would be excited to go get his 72 virgins. Maybe he didn’t really believe??

  7. SlamzJonez says:

    When ISIS leader gets hunted down and brought to justice, our Finnish PM (Finnish social demonrat) is granting ISIS terrorists their Finnish nationality back. Wowwee great fucking job socialist scum.

  8. Remedy says:

    Those grey roots on his beard must've been a pain in the arse to find hair dye for, especially when he was the cherry on top of a (19 year war Trump was able to end in 2 weeks with the full power U.S. armed forces) sundae 🤔

  9. jim james says:

    That guy was nearly as bad as Netanyahu. How could anyone praise him!!!

  10. Satan Himself says:

    If he was crying and whimpering to the end, he didnt exactly sound like a threat at the time. He should have been taken captive and displayed as a high ranking prisoner. Then again I also had doubts about the Osama bin Laden raid.

  11. Breas the Beautiful says:

    Baghdadi was a US puppet and if he was killed its because he knew too much after all he was photographed with McCain. Funny his death resembles Obama's killing of Bin laden before the up coming election. I smell a rat.

  12. Dimitrios Margaroff says:

    Al-Baghdadi is a MOSSAD Agent and certainly has not been killed by the Americans 😏

  13. Dimitrios Margaroff says:

    Al-Baghdadi has been killed multiple times!!!!😂
    That’s another Osama Bin Laden stunt!!!!!😏
    The Russians say there were no bombings of any kind in IDLIB that night!!!!

  14. M says:

    Well done President Trump! Another coward dead.

  15. bloodmuffin123 says:

    The leftist media are white washing the evil bastard and trump is right to denigrate him.

  16. D Rid says:

    Channel 7 just reported it in this skewed way! My wife just said "Trump is causing more violence."
    I lost it! He green lit an amazing strike on the worst person in the world!

  17. Eric Tesson says:

    According to the leftist and all the rest of the Democrats Trump didn't really do anything spectacular with a big nothing Burger man I'm glad they're not running our country I hope every country around the world is watching what's happening to Trump because a lot of their own countries have leftist crazies in them also trying to ruin and globalize their own countries it's time to rise up and fight back

  18. Homa Simpson says:

    I like Trump but he is full of shit " The world is a safer place " , absolute rubbish , there are 1.8 B muslims to take his place , all of Islam is the enemy Isis are nothing nobodies , Islams main armies are in our western countries growing stronger every day thanks to our criminal globalist politicians.

  19. eternal W crusade says:

    Unapologetic and down to earth. Big up Australia.

  20. Mick Brenton says:

    Baghdadi was sponsored! A Dog as POTUS said! Follow the money and find the Pigs who hired him!

  21. S C says:

    I think this is about the 5th time he's been killed…

  22. S. T. Browne says:

    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's "torment in HELL" is just beginning.

  23. Rag Man says:

    If Trump came out in favor of oxygen, the left would hold their breath.

  24. itsmemuffins says:

    In Trump we trust.

  25. rebeccamaria63 says:

    another "great scholar" from the "religion of peace" down…..but this snake has roots in its Islamic jihadi cause. Dont believe for a second that this is the end of Islamic terror. Until the world gets real about this, and makes some REAL efforts to modernise this brutal religion, we will be suffering its effects forever.

  26. Vernon Hedge says:

    The Left would embrace cancer.

  27. Kieron Bilton says:

    Hmmm another unidentified body Conspiracy what theory or Fact

  28. Jason Poole says:

    Islam is right about the degenerate left. 😂

  29. George Zee says:

    The Islamic State…..

    Muslims doing what their prophet did.

    The End.

  30. Toggymok says:

    Andrew Bolt does his homework. Bolt delivers his message with undeniable clarity.

  31. Douglas Nakamura says:

    Thank you to the soldiers and dogs who risked their lives to kill it.

  32. Pat Curry says:

    Abu did not even have the courage of a soldier to fight it out.

  33. brandiago says:

    America, f&$k yeah! 😀

  34. John Gibson says:

    Al Baghdadi dead? Great! Now its time for America to get out of there and spend money and resources on problems at home.
    They have a southern border to patrol, and crime, gang and drug issues to sort out.
    The Middle East is not their problem, and will never be peaceful. Don't waste any more time, money and lives on it.

  35. John McGrady says:

    Well said Andrew! Here in America, we should all be celebrating this. Sadly, that's not the case. They will smear President Trump and defend Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who wrote a judge asking for compassion for ISIS recruits in America. You can't make this stuff up! The left are unAmerican scum! #Trump2020 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rep-ilhan-omar-plea-for-lenient-sentences-for-men-accused-of-trying-to-join-isis-resurface

  36. My name My last name says:

    This is no hell for him or anyone else. The hell concept got us in this bloody mess.
    Hell was invented by the New testament writers and further exploited by the Quran writers to instill fear and obedience and to wage war for a god that can’t fight his own battles.

  37. Succeshero says:

    Thank you Trump!!💪🏻🇺🇸
    Ps: Bless Sky news

  38. Johnmatrix1000 says:

    Trump is a great man, gets things done.

  39. David Giddens says:

    Obama lost his mate to bad Thankyou Mr Trump your the best President EVER

  40. pasquale mileto says:

    Well done potus.
    Now let's see if Europe will take back their captured isis citizen fighters, it should not be the responsibility of the U.S.

  41. Adrian Xenia says:

    So how long till it's Obumma, Killary Clinton's, Bush junior etc with the rest of the clowns in the fare left who helped finance & coordinate these horrors, be bought to justice ?

  42. slimemuffen says:

    Nice to see positive & truthful news on President Trump. No fake news at Sky News Australia 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  43. Melissa jones says:

    Maybe he'll meet Milat.

  44. B Rad says:

    Trump is the GREATEST leader of our lifetimes!!!

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