Marcus Rashford’s stunning free kick may help Man United turn the corner | Carabao Cup

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf break down Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Chelsea in the Carabao Cup, courtesy of Marcus Rashford’s two goal effort. Burley reacts to Rashford’s ‘Cristiano-like’ free kick and how Man United may have turned a corner with their recent results.

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  1. Pay Zone says:

    This Steve guy is so stupid. He apparently doesn’t think by winning at Chelsea doesn’t help United in the long run.

  2. Furtive Pygmy says:

    manchester united will suffer having to deal with this bs cup

  3. Harjodh Mann says:

    So biased

  4. Daniel Abel says:

    Lol he mentioned Ole's tactis…or rather lack of…Long may his reign continue…

  5. Matt Tully says:

    no run against the big teams? okay, beat chelsea twice, home and away, already this season, easily. drew with liverpool but only via a late goal, drew with arsenal but should have won. beat leicester who apparently are a big team now. utd have no problem with big teams, its the ones that stick 10 men behind the ball they struggle against.

  6. Steven oshana says:

    Man United finally won a game this season wow

  7. Google accounts says:

    Don't let this distract you that Christiano Ronaldo hasn't scored a free kick since he joined Juventus

  8. Lisa Lowe says:

    Wow untd can't get no love from these guys ,ole best lampard twice ,6-1 n these guys r not giving ole his props lol if untd has lost this game these guys would th

  9. M S says:

    Another day another Manchester United video

  10. G Art says:

    United started with a younger (on average) team. So let's get the myth that Chelsea were somehow fielding boys against men busted. Craig Burley is a …

  11. Ying Yang says:

    Better off out of this competition – risking first team players in it when you have a threadbare squad is just crazy

  12. Book of shadows contributor Brian says:

    United getting a double trophy 🇬🇪🕤

  13. Victor Molokomme says:

    what a knuckle shot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥you only see those free kicks from fifa and CR7🔥✊

  14. Jeo says:

    Ole got no tactics. Tf You talking about ?

  15. Matt Braga says:

    Craig and Stevie hate United because they would get battered year and year by United and have to watch them lift the title up in May

  16. Bari Akib says:


  17. Who Knew 22 says:

    Colchester next massive game tough opposition lol

  18. Kyle Robinson says:

    That is one of the best free kicks ever scored in English football, they put it in the title, but don't talk about it???

  19. Burberrydae says:

    Just give Rashford his credit for carrying the team the fact that he scored for them and help them win shows the Courage and dedication he have. Just give credit you never know what’s gonna happen when they go against the other clubs YOH JUST NEVER KNOW

  20. Lionel Ronaldo says:

    The reason why i clicked in this video was to hear them speak about Rashford's free kick. Now i feel betrayed

  21. Rakesh Chatterjee says:

    These guys are so negative about United and also cannot praise Messi with open heart !

  22. Andrew Omosebi says:

    You're not even gonna admit that you were wrong by saying "there's no way United are getting a win at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea" y'all are biased AF

  23. destiny izevbokun says:

    I could remember shaka and Craig before the game saying that man utd had no chance of defeating Chelsea…I learnt a lesson yesterday.. Never conclude on a man that is still breathing.. No matter how down he may have fallen there is always a chance for him to rise up again… Dear football analyst take note and stop bad mouthing man utd cause we will always Rise…

  24. Abhishek Singh says:

    Hypocrisy at it's finest. 😂🙏

  25. OBMagk says:

    Honestly the first 20 ish minutes of the game, United could not even touch the ball. Chelsea’s weakness was ball circulation and having chances to break in. You often saw Kovacic and Jorginho playing the 6 at the same time and it harmed them the further the game went on. United kept to their morals and wore them down. Nicely done.

  26. anubhav singh says:

    This guy Craig Burley always bets against man united…and see what happens😂😂

  27. Jemar Mckenzie says:

    Didn't u idiots say u dont see man united winning,, u pundits, are just idiots, then saying its ideal to drop out, guest y none of u guys were good

  28. greatonesv says:

    ESPN FC change your name to LIVERPOOL FC TV.

  29. Christian Fuller says:

    so apparently being knocked out of a cup competition is a ‘good’ thing because they’re not man united

  30. grytlappar says:

    2:38 This useless blob.

  31. GJ1607 says:

    United deserve criticism sometimes but these jokers cant hide the fact they dont like United

  32. Alexander Warnock says:

    @ESPN FC You earned a dislike from me. Stop hating and be reasonable for once

  33. Joshua Jack says:

    It pains Craig Burley to give credit to United listen to his voice

  34. A Homes says:

    Stevie the muppet. Man Utd's squad is deceptively deep, especially if the manager can use it the right way. Consider this Shaw, Dalot, Pogba, Tuanzebe, Bailey, Rojo, and even Martial have hardly played this season, meaning they're still fresh. Those are 7 out of 11 potential first team players who have barely got minutes this season, meaning the manager can rest up to 7 players who have played regularly till now, including Rashford and James. Throw in 2 or 3 young players in there, the likes of Garner, Greenwood and Williams, as well as veterans like Mata nad Matic, and Utd have a big enough squad to push on till the January window while fielding a strong team in every game. Man Utd's problem is not squad depth, it's largely injuries, which will eventually resolve, and how the manager rotates.

  35. Rishav Chauhan says:

    Craig burley would have gone on for 10-15 mins and destroyed the squad
    Now that united won they are talking about the league

  36. Marc K says:

    ESPN is trash

  37. Alexander Warnock says:

    It's funny how these guys always have reasons to discredit man utd

  38. Ben Cheda says:

    Craig is no inept. No big boys have beaten us this season. We only struggle with the smaller teams. How does this guy still have a Job

  39. kartikay seth says:

    they had georgino , kovacic,pulisc,hudson odoi , michy , zouma , alonso and you say they put in a weak team.

  40. Ricke Uno says:

    I just click on the video to see if this wasteman was going continue hating on Neymar..

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