Man of Steel: Hero's Flight Game Review


Why can’t they make a good Superman game past the 16 bit era? The closest they ever came was that one game for the PS2/Xbox but that was average and forgettable at best. They made great Spider-Man games, great Batman games, a fantastic Wolverine game, and even pretty good Hulk games. What is it about Superman that makes them fall short every time? The Superman 64 Curse.

The Game:

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  1. The Muffin Man says:

    Imagine this:
    Last scene of Man of Steel where they are all flying through the buildings, hitting each other into space and shit.
    Make that but in Unreal 4 with beautiful visual effects.
    Now add some aspects from Mortal Kombat, such as reactions, ultimates, and blocking.
    Now add all of supermans powers, lasers, super punches, etc…
    Now add flying and environmental damage.
    Now make that 2v2, 4v4, etc….
    Anyone think that would be a good game?

  2. Zana Salim says:

    They also did a Green Lantern game..

  3. Wesusa Paints! says:

    Well you're an idiot why it's so hard how do you make playing as someone invincible fun? Batman and Spiderman have flaws.

  4. Mike Richardson says:

    The flying is so Nintendo 64- the cape is old school “fruit roll up texture, the graphics are ps2 – only two good points about this game is he can fly through buildings without bumping into it like Superman returns ( where it slows down his momentum) and at least he can finally fly into space. Somewhat.🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. 2Keen To give a what says:

    The PSX one was going to be good but it was cancelled

  6. Vince Owen says:

    no spiderman game is good

  7. Phillip Richardson says:

    This game is shit.straight elephant dung.

  8. Det._Hoffman says:

    2:34 Atlantis?? haha

  9. Creed says:

    Superman returns was the best Superman game by far and it was rather alright

  10. Anime Otaku says:

    In the end there no much to do in Superman game because he is too op you can't make open world game with him it will become boaring , they can try only fighting games for him,even story type game will not do much good

  11. Bacon4life 31 says:

    Anyone from 2018 Anyone? Hello?

  12. sultaa86 says:

    There actually was a pretty descent Superman game sometime in 2002 i think. It came out for PS2 and was called Superman – Shadow of Apokolips. It was set to the animated cartoon show and way better than that horrific n64 game. I played it quite a lot when i was like 16. Go check it out.

  13. MysticKova says:

    I would love to see Rocksteady make a Superman game. They did great with the Batman Arkham series, and I’m sure they have the money and manpower to pull it off. I guess the only problem is to find a common thug level enemy strong enough to beat Superman, because let’s get real, a normal human thug would have a better chance at killing Batman than Superman.

  14. Travis Corprew says:

    No it not you sound dumb you just dyslexic

  15. Mayank Verma says:

    Surprised he didn't rate it a 2.

  16. Derzzay says:

    When the description calls Superman "Spider Man 2002 Explore in YouTube Gaming, Gaming Standard YouTube License"

  17. Daniel Ferreira says:

    Cuz Superman is OP at the start of the game.

  18. Tyler Howe says:

    The controls are fine. It was pretty easy to play. It’s just a game that you aren’t good at.

  19. shyamali dasmazumder says:

    F you guys doing today and 📺 r not enough water quality than your username is it that are so many times he just kept saying Xmas zone can view be no matter like to

  20. Mr Ultracheese says:

    complaining about controls lol what an idiot

  21. assett ander says:

    Inverted controls suck

  22. Zaxiel says:

    Why cant they make the flash superhero game it seems like they just dont want to make what the people want

  23. demonocus metalocus says:

    Its hard to make a good superman game simply because superman is overpowered so they have to always find ways to weaken him but that makes playing as him suck.

  24. Harley Quinn says:

    Great batman game? FANTASTIC wolverine game!!!? Ur wrong. The Fantastic one is Batman ones👌👌👌

  25. Tony Mcneil says:


  26. Rocco Marra says:

    hey dumb ass I think you mean fantastic Batman game

  27. Jon Cardoza says:

    Search vertcoin

  28. coolio diablo says:

    This guy "wants" inverted flight? Fuck that shit, I always hate games like that. For whatever reason my brain just can't ever accept that down is up and up is down lol I always crash with inverted controls.

  29. CABLE 715 says:

    You can reverse the up and down

  30. Michael Gerean says:

    because none of the heroes you mention in the beginning are as powerful as superman.

  31. Kram says:

    "People have gotten used to mediocrity that they think mediocrity is good." No truer words have been spoken.

  32. K. T. says:

    Superman destroys everything in comics and animated movies and everything else. No one gives a shit. Does it in a movie for dramatic effect and plotlines and people go nuts. They hate on everything from the "Color" to the damn hair……

  33. Sushant Nautiyal says:

    lol 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Joel Figueredo says:

    It's metropolis not new York not Gotham not ATLANTIS seriously are you listening to your self and Townsville isn't even in D.C. It's small Ville

  35. Humza Muhammed says:

    Well what do you think. Do you know how hard is it to make a superman game. Superman is way op. It's really hard to make a good game on it.

  36. That other Guy says:

    The xbox 360 superman

  37. BRO'VERLORD says:

    superman 64 HD remaster 🙂

  38. Ronnie Brasco says:

    All you need is superman returns lol best superman solo game still! and it was only "ok"

  39. M Hale Gaming says:

    Awkward flight controls would kill a game like this for me. If there's no option to alter them then I don't think I'd want to play this.

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