42 thoughts on “Making James May do something he doesn’t want to do

  1. What an incredibly dumb thing to do. "Spinning". All i see are nice e30 and e28 bmws being ruined and a bunch of stupid /friendly/ (definitely dont kill white people) folks getting aroused over it

  2. Making Jeremy Clarkson do something he doesn't want to do: watching James May's tutorial on reasembleing a mini motorcicle on youtube, and actualy having to do assemble one with James instructions.

  3. Never been on this channel before but Youtube recommended watching James May doing donuts from the passenger seat. Subscribed!

  4. Poor James. He tries so hard to be the English Gentleman and those other two do their level best to annoy him at every possible juncture.

  5. I get you wanna mess with James May thats funny,but once again why do these idiots think this is cool someone is going to die, o well it will be no great loss,it's kinda obvious

  6. Sad part is they promoting this event in their show but what they dont know all these cars are bmw for a reason, and it's related to gangs who hijack and steal cars and tyres just to burn them.

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