Making James May do something he doesn’t want to do


  1. Prastha Winadi says:

    2:18 Oi, get back in. Proper english. hahahaha

  2. Justin Case says:

    This has to be great!

  3. gnarshread says:

    Looks like the Sideshow guys in CA need to learn a lesson or two.

  4. ItsBigL21 says:

    1:36 – I knew she looked familiar. Same girl from Hyperdrive on netflix!

  5. James Walker says:

    James may shit him self I LMA off the old fart needs a commode after them doughnut spins !

  6. Adam Fordf150 says:

    Wait till they hear about summernats

  7. Andrew Omeruo says:

    Anyone from hyperdrive

  8. David Dominic says:

    I want to time travel with this comment

  9. The Fizio says:

    Or, as the 'muricans will call them in the 2030's, the Highwaymen

  10. Milky says:

    The way he says "wheels n smoke" always gets me

  11. Obsidian Serpent says:


  12. Owen Roch says:

    It's the girl from Netflix Stacy " my engine broke" from hype drive the drifting show. Like WTF

  13. Hardyz says:

    I always wondered where all these model bmws went

    Now i know.

  14. JCwarrior333 says:


    How it feels to chew 5 gum.

  15. Farina Marcini says:

    Work for the post office lol

  16. Antiquated Ideas says:

    What an incredibly dumb thing to do. "Spinning". All i see are nice e30 and e28 bmws being ruined and a bunch of stupid /friendly/ (definitely dont kill white people) folks getting aroused over it

  17. robotbattler says:

    I'll bet there were some killer outtakes from that.

  18. Hdh starwars says:

    black are fucking dumb

  19. FreedomWarrior says:

    Honestly I just wonder how can someone like such stupid, juvenil shit like that. That should be banned in my opinion.

  20. Bryce Rattray says:

    Can we get James may at summernats?

  21. Iraqi Food Cart says:

    "Uploaded today" see you again in 3 months, then 6 months, then a year, then 5 years from now. Hello future me

  22. Chris TaT says:

    Who's the Thief who's Putting this stolen content on this Bull-Shit channel!?

  23. Bob Camerban says:

    What episode is this from?

  24. tony little says:

    Had no interest in this video until I saw we had the same pfp. Very nice 10/10 liked and subscribed.

  25. Power Plant Zone says:

    James gets kidnapped by a car.
    A 17 year old girl does donuts.
    And I wear a hat!

  26. Tiago Goncalves says:

    Making Jeremy Clarkson do something he doesn't want to do: watching James May's tutorial on reasembleing a mini motorcicle on youtube, and actualy having to do assemble one with James instructions.

  27. Da Ma says:


  28. Mamba says:


  29. Mansoor says:

    “Get back in the car you fucking idiot” James may 🤣😂😂🤣

  30. Slippery Sauce says:

    Anyone know when season 4 is gonna drop?

  31. CAN AM DS650X Baja - Bombardier says:

    Goes to prove that the UK police State is a totally boring country.

  32. ruffian713 says:

    Never been on this channel before but Youtube recommended watching James May doing donuts from the passenger seat. Subscribed!

  33. Scooter Tramp says:

    Poor James. He tries so hard to be the English Gentleman and those other two do their level best to annoy him at every possible juncture.

  34. o k says:

    wow they’re getting old

  35. soager009 69 says:

    Them crazy!

  36. Robert Price says:

    I get you wanna mess with James May thats funny,but once again why do these idiots think this is cool someone is going to die, o well it will be no great loss,it's kinda obvious

  37. Andre Viljoen says:

    Bushies my bra

  38. A C says:

    Sad part is they promoting this event in their show but what they dont know all these cars are bmw for a reason, and it's related to gangs who hijack and steal cars and tyres just to burn them.

  39. crebegea says:

    The magic is gone.

  40. AlpHa_3nergy7 says:

    I did not watch the show, what is the Sauber Mercedes doing there?

  41. Mark Gigiel says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have seen. AND, they all will get lung cancer too.

  42. Johny40Se7en says:

    Hahahaa I love it when the man gets out of the car and it's still going. How the hell does it keep accelerating like that?

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