Make Mocha at Home without a Machine!

Want a simple mocha recipe but feel like it’s too hard to make? Or you need special equipment? What if I told you that you can make mocha at home without a machine, using tools you already have?

Print recipe here:

Mocha is one of my all time, favorite espresso drinks!

And once upon a time (before I had 2 kids), I made mocha by grinding gourmet espresso beans and brewing it in a moka pot. But now, as a busy and sleep deprived mom, I ain’t got no time for that!

So I came up with this super simple recipe that you can almost make in your sleep! And it uses common ingredients and needs no special tools.

Because we all know what waking up in the morning is like… you’re barely awake, much less barely alive (before coffee), stumbling into the kitchen, Walking Dead-style!

When you’re in this state, you’ll find yourself making this simple Double Chocolate Mocha recipe, time after time. Wait, did I just say double chocolate? Heck yeah!

This mocha is made with 2 kinds of chocolate because we all need to treat ourselves right! So take a moment and sip your mocha in the morning. Have that ME time! You deserve it!

And because you’re making this at home, you can have it every day, save money, and save a trip to the coffee shop.

Electric Frother:

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  1. J Jo says:

    This looks very rich indeed! What did you do to get the frothy milk at the end, please? Thank you! : )

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