LUCIFER Season 4 Trailer (2019) Netflix

Official Lucifer Series Season 4 Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Tom Ellis Series Trailer | Release: 8 May 2019 | More
Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar abandoned his throne and retired to Los Angeles, where he has teamed up with LAPD detective Chloe Decker to take down criminals. But the longer he’s away from the underworld, the greater the threat that the worst of humanity could escape.

Lucifer (2016) is the new crime movie starring Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Kevin Alejandro.

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  1. Abdelrahman tarek says:

    i literally watch the show for the actor of lucifer i like him and his acting but everything literally EVERYTHING else about this show is lower than a 3/10 seriously !@# it's annoying as fuck

  2. Demogorgon says:


  3. Psi Korea says:


  4. Ufuk ufuk says:

    Long time no see

  5. SoJeoung CHOI says:

    Eve : long time no seee ~~



  7. Nothing is Real says:

    What is her name??

  8. UmbrellaCorps says:

    that lack of respect this serie of shit

  9. Orhan Duri says:


  10. Maddox Tolliver says:

    1:00 why would eve have a naval? #becauseREASONS

  11. Fake Hesap says:


  12. Iah Suguitan says:

    I think Is Season 3

  13. thefrozenangel1 says:

    Eve looks looks pretty good for being 4000 years old, give or take a decade or two.

  14. Mog Camper says:


  15. Harika Akın says:

    Can someone please say the song on piano where eve is wearing a leaf costume at 4×05

  16. Jesse Mikaelson says:

    whats the music that lucifer plays in season 4 episode 5 where eve wheres her 'me' costume and asks if the costume makes lucifer wanna come over and tempt her?

  17. Sarah bgtf says:

    Oh my god

  18. ngznz says:

    In which episode was that eve with the leaves costume?

  19. savioGalaticAngel 9000sand says:

    Adam is gonna be pissed …

  20. Xion says:

    So we all just going to ignore the fact they made Eve have EXTRA plot in that slomo scene

  21. Sispol Sispol says:

    All hail Netflix!!!

  22. Rohayni Bent says:

    Am i the only one who finds eve annoying

  23. The Reminder says:

    It seems quite bad though :/

  24. Artim_Evad says:

    only 2 more hours left until the release – can't wait

  25. Genji Shimada says:

    Please Not Netflix please Amazon Prime

  26. Peetz says:

    hmm thi sis kinda remembering me to the 3rd season I think was it ? with candy as mrs.Lucifer…
    but hey who am I to say this is bad xD
    still looking realy dam forward to it xD

  27. Yellow Synth says:

    that black woman hot yo

  28. Stephanie Rose says:

    I'm sick of all of these Netflix series! I JUST WANT TO TO SEE A GAH DAMN MOVIE FOR EFF SAKES. FUCK!!

  29. Phantom___27 says:

    Amenadiel is a fallen angel now….

  30. Phantom___27 says:


  31. Derpy Pigeon says:

    Are we just got going to talk about how great the effects are?
    They really improved on Lucifer’s devil face and Amenadiel’s wings

  32. AS WS says:

    where is adam?

  33. Guido Dotto says:

    una delle migliori serie tv ….ever made

  34. 7Seven7 says:

    this looks like a fucking shit show

  35. jaden sammy says:

    Lucifer is back to being evil again……this will be fun…all that goody goody nonsense wasn't really working

  36. misiek8912 says:

    Yeeeeaaah i back to hell !!!!

  37. walid elhroichi says:

    this is a humiliation for humans

  38. Rodney Takunda Madondo says:

    Fuck yeah

  39. Abhishek Alastair Lakra says:

    One's imagination

  40. Ruth says:

    Ela Lucifer 😍😍

  41. Denis A. says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa finally ^^

  42. Ashish Sajeev says:

    Mohanlal fans ondoo ivide hi

  43. God Lecks says:

    Before:fuck eve
    Now:i wanna fuck eve

  44. DAY TO DAY TECH says:

    Hail Lucifer

  45. D MAD gamer says:

    Americans are condemning God…

  46. iakah Drake says:


  47. Last Days Get Ready says:

    LAST DAYS WARNING! Jesus is coming! The wicked shall be destroyed! REPENT from sin while there is still time! TURN TO JESUS WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND!

  48. Silver Sypher says:

    Anyone click becuz of the thumbnail??
    Hit like

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