Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

Watch as Virgil van Dijk dishes out special limited edition copies of FIFA 20, and hits his teammates with their ratings on EA Sports’ latest title. Who will react best? Disagree with any of the ratings? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. master boy says:

    Becker? Oxlade? Mané 88 (90)? Robertson 85(87)? Trent 83(86)? Firmino 86(89)? Origi 78(82)? Georginio 84(85-86)?

  2. Flo Talamisi says:

    Wo ist mein albo

  3. Timezz says:

    90 for a def is insane

  4. esucil says:

    Matip dribble is better than VVD but fifa thinks not

  5. Salman Als says:

    Were (Aleson)

  6. games vm says:

    But in FUT is everybody better

  7. Vitamin Meme says:

    Lil gift for you!

  8. Sam wheal says:

    This was just awkward

  9. 보바보바 says:

    1:09 이리와봐

  10. J Gaming says:

    Where is allison?

  11. tarek aziz98 says:

    Mane doesn’t care

  12. the jn xd says:

    allison '

  13. MAX says:


  14. North east aviation says:

    Sadio mane faster

  15. Kuiperownz says:

    Lekker Virgil, en nu dat ander voetbalspel kopen 😉

  16. Gabreel Kandakji says:

    Wer is allison

  17. XxSALVOBOYXx Official says:

    I love salah and Roberto Firmino

  18. Tayyip Yılmaz says:


  19. bharath mullassery says:

    Where is alisson becker

  20. AQU590 says:

    Were aleson

  21. Siana Divino says:

    Sou br

  22. Siana Divino says:

    Sou br

  23. Murilo Henrique says:

    87 dri for firmino???? He's 90 or more

  24. Korea says:

    3:15 Porra Van Dijk kkkk Brasileiras garai ???? Kkkk

  25. Bram Coolen says:

    Everyone’s chilling. Origi: cleaning things and. Have to get boxes

  26. C0F1 Yt says:

    where is Lovren

  27. Arvy Rohi says:


  28. Schraibfela says:

    Matip 82 is a joke

  29. Zeta Iron says:


  30. eXist. channel says:


  31. James 64 says:

    0:43 Lonergan better of got his 😡

  32. Carlos Gutierrez Henrnadez says:

    falto alison

  33. Hugo Ledesma says:

    What about oxe

  34. Bianca Funny says:

    Where's Alisson ?

  35. 리중딱노래개같다 says:


  36. João - ROBIN says:

    Firmino merecia 98

  37. d0rkey says:

    Maybe only i realised that van dijk was saying Sadio Main

  38. carlos estrada says:

    Quisiera conocer a mo sala vivo en guatemala huehuetenango es mi sueño

  39. JAMAL AIMI Jamaludin says:

    You know their monster mentality when almost all felt that they deserved higher rating.

  40. Giorgia Sesia says:


  41. Northern Lights says:

    Lol boom

  42. Melancholy Hill says:


    Virgil: BOOM!!!

  43. Tijs Van Egmond says:


  44. Agustin Arroyo says:

    and allisson?

  45. CRISTIAN⚽ R⚽NALD⚽ says:

    Why is virgil van dijk handing it all out

  46. Darkih says:

    Kkkk que piada o Salah ser 90 e o Mané ser 88 ???

  47. Jeffrey says:

    This comment section is everything I expected while I was watching the video.

  48. Givenchy Paris says:

    Sadio Main 😂, BOOM

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